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I sure hope next gen isn't 4 year old pc performance when it actually comes as you seem to make it look , because if Scorpio is going to be next gen, I think I'll skip a gen, even my sh!t pc with a 970 in has higher specs than the Scorpio and I got that ages ago

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so instead of buying a new gpu or cpu every few years you will instead buy an upgraded Xbox every couple of years 🤔🖒

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its already too late, the Scorpio won't magically catch the Xbox up to ps4. All they are doing is releasing a 4 year old pc in an Xbox branded box and hoping people will pay a lot for it.

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he said all they have to do is knock down the graphics , which is true, but the devs choose better graphical features rather than 4k native and with cb render looking not too far off 4k native , I know id prefer better graphics with cb to downgraded graphics with 4k native.

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racing games don't show off power , they are not very demanding compared to most other game genres. They are basically just graphic showcases because it's easy to get them looking real.

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😂 you work for Microsoft huh .......sure ya do "bruh" and I guess that's how most Microsoft employees type huh using bruh and bad grammar.

You are about as believable as the people that say the earth is flat.

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That's good news because vulkan is better in every way, I mean look at doom for example , looks amazing runs really well , even on lesser hardware. DX12 on the other hand runs worse than DX11 on every game I've seen using it. Using vulkan can only help star citizen

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they will be steaming the games on pc not really the same thing as no exclusives.......unless you are happy with input delay and 720p blurry games of course .

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Odd you say that because I platinumed horizon and have still been playing it every day .......

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Mods can add a lot to a game that's been played to death though , take skyrim for example, I was bored with skyrim after putting tons of hours into it but then I got a bunch of kids that add brand new areas brand new quests, new characters , enhanced the graphics and textures and it was like playing a whole new game.

The work these people out into the mods should be commended, it's not easy making games look that good especially considering it's usually a single...

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I only read the article because of king of the cosmos , I would absolutely LOVE a new katamari game, I still play the ps2 katamari every now and again and the ps3 one was great too.

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I think the fact they both scantily clad ladies in probably helps too lol

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how about that story though huh .....it just grabs you the deeper you get the harder it is to stop playing.

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the skill tree was great , most skills changed your game play , it wasn't just extra damage here more health here more extra damage here.

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