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To be fair, SMTIV and SMTIV: Apocalypse did well on 3DS in all regions too. So they have just as much reason to not fear losing sales.

But since I own both Switch/PS4 and its Unreal 4 it would make sense to be on as many as possible

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I just finished it this month after 83 hours. I liked it a lot but it did leave less of an impression than P4G. But to be fair, that's a hard standard to live up to.

It would take a significant retooling of the game, like P4G/FES/P3P for me to play it again. There was simply too much bloat in the middle to back half of it. I felt like August through November, up until the big closing angle starts, was padded way too much. That said, I enjoyed it overall.

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Didn't stop the countless stories I've seen on reddit/neogaf about customer service people at GS forgetting that and letting people pre order 2-3.

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i watched it in the background while cleaning and had to stop and laugh several times. i love my xbox and appreciate all of the consoles i own for what they do right but they haven't had any exclusives i've cared about all year and the few they do have go on sale so quickly at retailers there is no point to buying them day one.

PS4/Switch have been killing it this year and that's largely due to the resurgence in japanese game development as well as the decisions...

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They can't cost more than $20 to manufacture. Give a $20-ish cut to retailers and they've got to be taking home a lot of profit per unit.

I don't see why they can't simply make more. They'd make more money and they could even plaster ads for the switch games thru the OS for free advertising. for fuck's sake they are throwing money away

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The only way this stops is if the publicity turns mostly negative but sadly, the mainstream media won't pay enough attention to report it that way and gaming sites will just report it as "lol, it sold out quick! thankfully we all get it free! don't stop sending us things nintendo!"

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Why? That would be dumb. Even if the game is trash you need to capitalize on positive press as a business. They'll sell way more copies this way, good or bad.

426d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment way to reach max rank that quick maybe without eating or sleeping and with endless 2x boosts

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It did feel like it had some padding imo. i'm enjoying it, i'm in late october with 55 hours played. i'm putting it down for now, will pick it up a few months from now.

Beat P4G, got more than half through P3 FES before hitting a wall and beat SMT IV.

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Its very, very good but we have to see what titles come out around March 2018 to say if it is.

As is, I think for their times the Dreamcast, GameCube, PS2 and N64 all had terrific first years (first 12 calendar months after release)

I mean N64 had Mario 64, Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Star Fox, etc. Cube had Rogue Squadron II, Melee, Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Eternal Darkness, Time Splitters (i think), Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion and several Re...

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I'd love to play this on vita!

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No. Its not even exclusive. To turn around or keep a platform alive its need to be like Gran Turismo, Halo or Pokemon level.

The game looks great but I don't think its near that

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What a dumb, overblown opinion piece. There are small things that could be changed but wtf. The core online play is a blast, creative and endlessly fun.

App sucks for voice chat but for stat tracking its great.

I feel like they are just trying to be different for the sake of clicks.

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lol really? PS4 isn't doubling Xbox sales in U.S. due to nothing. brand and marketing, yes but people see those games and think ps4 has more variety.

not even that, several japanese ips have grown this gen just when people thought they couldn't get anymore popular in the west. Nier, Persona, Monster Hunter, Yakuza, etc.

With Switch's big first party games being largely Japanese designed and influenced (tho with new blood on teams like the one...

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i mean maybe to alleviate supply issues perhaps a small motherboard change but I doubt they change from 20nm Tegra until 2019 or later when a 7nm or 10nm SOC will be available.

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Yes, yes they are. No reason why we can't play PS1 games on it, even if they want to resell it. This is one area Xbox is trouncing them, BC and nostalgia which is strange since PS has 7 more years of history.

if the PS5 comes out in 2020 they could use PS2 nostalgia a lot, since it will be 20 years.

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i can't wait. the delay sucks but it isn't huge and i didn't really believe it would be 2017 anyway

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I think MAYBE parties, if switch even has them, will be app only. that would suck but i can't imagine Nintendo would let PDP and other accessory makers, who often make nintendo branded accessories for nintendo, go to retail with products that do more than they have to do. I also can't see them letting retailers like GS advertise this if it isn't included.

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i may be mistaken but when was a tales of game announced for switch?

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yea it looks good to me. hoping pikmin or animal crossing sneak in but i'm prepared for those to be 2018 games.

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