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You don't need 2.1 for 120hz. My 5 year old monitor with DP 1.2 does 1080p/120 perfectly fine. Doesn't make much of a difference anyways since no games are 2160p @ 120 besides Ori.

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Wonder if the rumor about this being PS+ is true?

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Wow. So you think they're in the "early stages" of Redfall development, but will be releasing it in 12-14 months. Big brain right there.

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That's what happens when you need to get it running on tablet level CPUs from ~10 years ago.

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They're not talking about games releasing on X1 and Series. They're talking about actual BC for 360 and OG Xbox.

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You really think a studio is going to put out 2 games in ~12 months and you have the audacity to defend a CGI trailer. Learn about dev cycles and/or get the fanboy out of your mouth. Arkane has multiple studios and they managed to show Deathloop gameplay a year before release.
Nobody, NOBODY should accept CGI trailers in 2021 idgaf which company is doing it.

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If Sony not showing up destroys your expo, then Sony IS the expo.

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It LITERALLY did not. Only native PS5 games can do that. Otherwise it's just the DualSense emulating a DS4.

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It did not. Try reading with more attention.

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Did you play PS4 games on your PS5 pre and post the April firmware update?

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Nice. I had almost given up hope to ever play this game.

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Did they though? Since when do game previews and trailers show you the ending of the game? It's always the first 1-3 hours, because that's considered not as 'spoilery'. She fits firmly into the mold of how games are shown.

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Idk man I've been watching my gf play and in about 3 hours I think she's died twice.

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No, but theoretically we could. For this example I'm going to assume games cost $60, but the principle still applies at $70.

When a game is $60 at 70/30, then the publisher is getting $42. At 88/12, they could reduce the price to $50 and still make $44 per copy. But we all know any publisher would instead just keep it at $60 and pocket the extra dough.

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Okay this is my last chance at trying to be reasonable with you people. I'm not attacking the PS5, Sony, PlayStation, Insomniac, etc. I own a PS5, and a PS3, and I like the Resistance series and I like Spider-Man and I RECOGNIZE that the R&C games, at least the mainline, have always been really great games, but just so happen to not be for me. Okay? Have we got that out of the way? Do we understand that the questions I'm asking are not to be provocative? I literally am just wantin...

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I think some of you have so much fanboying in your veins it affects your ability to read. I never said it was a bad thing in general that it is like Ratchet games. I'm asking what makes it an "instant classic masterpiece"? I recognize that the Ratchet games are good or even great, but they've never been considered masterpieces. Since this is more Ratchet what separates this from other Ratchet games to become a classic?

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Why? I'm being genuine here. It looks REALLY REALLY good visually, but it doesn't seem to play different than other Ratchet games. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, but as someone who has never been able to get into the series it's really not that exciting to me personally.

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They literally said Ratchet and 2 indie games. Why did you watch it?

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Maybe you're overthinking it. My options are
A) Buy Returnal at $70 today and play now.
B) Wait and buy for cheaper later.

I don't have any other options. So if I choose to buy at $70 I'm not suddenly worshipping a corporation, I just realize that waiting 2-3 months to save $10-30 really doesn't mean all that much to me when on a Friday night I'll easily spend upwards of that on dinner for 2 people and that's fleeting c...

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