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With Sakurai back on the project and the production taking place at HAL, I hope we've got a completely new Smash on our hands.

I really don't want Bayonetta Simulator 2014 to stick around... we're due for a new one, and hopefully one that's as twitchy and fast as Melee now that Nintendo is fully aware of what works in tournaments.

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I *do* get that Steam sales aren't what they used to be, but it's for way different reasons than the writer suspects. The frequency isn't the issue - if they had a dang flash sale every week, that would work too if the value was immense each time. Heck, Sony does that all the time and it's pretty good. But no - the nature of games has really changed on PC lately.

No, really, this past year was the year Overwatch's model became the premier business model ...

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Well, 8's and 7's for the remake, that's interesting, a bit typical of HEY WAIT A MINUTE VIRTUAL ON STILL EXISTS??

...oh, it's anime now. Eh.

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Yes! Exactly what they should have done - centered around FPS and better on Portable due to the native 720p. I can't wait to have this on the go.

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Ha! I'm fine with the Switch just having that arcade collection. 3rd Strike on a Switch is all I need.

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The overwhelming response to Switch apps so far has been "That's not the point," and I think that's a great sign that dedicated gaming consoles can survive (and heck, sell like hotcakes) on games alone.

If Netflix wants to make an app for Switch, fine, but with their history of how often they update their app and how disconnected those updates are in relation to, say, Twitch or Hulu, they'd probably bungle it.

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Okay, so it's Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II... wait, this would be four games. It has to have a Demon's Souls remaster, it's the only one that matters... right?


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I love that the Chibi-Robo was just praising the sun.

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Anyone here who thought Dark Souls was the main story of this Direct has no idea how good TWEWY is. I'm so happy that they're finally doing it!

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If you don't yet have Gungeon, Resogun, or Tekken 7, those are all wonderful.

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Come on, From Software. Now is the time!

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Look, Doritos Pope, if Bloodborne 2 gets announced, all is forgiven.

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Yeah, this is completionist-related stress and it's also kinda joking around. Very different from Cuphead, where beating the game is harder, but it's also the entire point and there isn't much beyond it (well, speedruns, but still).

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Wow. We called it right, 2017 has been a resurgence for Japan.

Three out of five GOTY nominations (I'd give it to Mario), most likely Best Narrative (Nier), Best Game Direction (Odyssey), Best Score (Persona - Shoji Meguro is the GOAT), Best Audio Design (Zelda, but Destiny 2 has a shot), Best Handheld (Metroid, easily), Best VR (Resi 7, but Superhot has a shot), Best RPG (Persona 5, but Divinity has a shot), three out of five Fighting Game nominations but I think Nidho...

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I kinda think she missed the point on the ending, and that's too bad, because it's both pretty forward-thinking and a response to years of dialogue about whether Mario deserves better for what he does for Peach. From Flash animations to big giant articles about it, Mario seems to get snubbed - often we see the idea floating around that Bowser and Peach are the real couple, and they're just playing with Mario.

But that's just it - Mario, d...

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"Sonic Forces (NSW/PS4/XBO) – 9/9/9/8"
I'm not sure if this is just Famitsu being Famitsu, or it's actually good... everything I've seen so far from the demo didn't feel like a 9/9/9/8.

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Even easier calculation: The more WayForward is involved and the closer the thing is to Contra, the better.

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I've always wanted Nintendo to buy out Capcom. Hear me out: they're at their very best when their games just show off the developers' personalities. When Street Fighter is firing on all cylinders, it's because they trust their art team, they pour their heart and soul into every single aspect of the game, and even when the content might be scarce, the game feels good. Mega Man. Third Strike. Darkstalkers. MvC2. Monster Hunter Tri and 4U. Those games just have personality out th...

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Eurogamer has Digital Foundry for this. It's why they're separate.

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I think the production cycle on this game extends back into the WiiU's lifecycle. The amount of content they're talking about seems quite staggering - something that would take years to make. I bet they expected the WiiU to last longer and for Odyssey to be a flagship title. Thank goodness they took the time to really make this shine on the Switch instead. This game is probably not the result of apologies - I would guess the Metroid moves were apologies for screwing up Metroid for so ...

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