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His save will work. Just make sure he uploads his save file online so it’s safe... if he has PsPlus it does this automatically and he will good. I don’t think the Trophies transfer so he may be earning a whole new set of Trophy’s for the digital version.

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$1500?!? I’m literally playing it on my $399 Oculus Quest using Virtual Desktop with absolutely no problem. These articles are friggin senseless.

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Hold this downvote young man.

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Ikr!! First DBXV... Saint Seiya now this. 2015 got anime' fans messing their pants up.

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I'm off that till they add the new DLC or a trade system.

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Only thing the PC version will have plus on would be the custom mods. Other than that the consoles won't be that big of a difference.

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The link you posted regarding the X-Box Live status states that Social & Gaming is limited. Although you may be online, others aren't able to log in. Chill dude, we are all in the same boat no matter what platform you favor.

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This further proves my theory about people flying through the game just to say how short it is without actually exploring it.

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I love it.

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You just ethered me. Lol! I've already graduated and completed my major English courses which gave me a pretty decent GPA leading to a very well paying job. So idgaf if my English when commenting on this site. You got the message which was my aim. I love you tho.

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No disrespect bro but if it takes you 20mins to kill Septik Prime your garbage. Me and my friends which were lvl 6 defeated him on lvl8 difficulty in less than 10mins. The DevilWalker can be beaten quicker too you need people who know what their doing and position themselves on both his sides so he can keep turning back and forth. Don't believe me?? If your on PS4 add me. Kahotep.

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SasukeX - "Great!"

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DBZ Legends was open world and that in my opinion is the best DBZ game next to DBGT. WAIT!! Before you bash me for that, DBGT had the best build up mode ever and I wish they would bring this back to the game series since we can now play people across the globe. It's nice to spend time building up moves only to test it out on people.

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@Darth Gamer. No likes for you.

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I never saw it as a unconventional MGS game. Just more open, don't understand this article at all, maybe I'm not seeing your perspective.

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I learned that it's not in-game screen shots.

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It says that it cools the hot air and never said anything about pulling air from the system. Sony already did a great job with its internal fans, I left my system on for 2 days straight and it was warm but not hot. Unless your attaching a vacuum like device to it your not pulling air away at all. The intercooler works like a fan or Air conditioner and just blows more air thus resulting in more dust build up inside. The design is good and doesn't take away from the system but it's usel...

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I have absolutely have no problems with the battery life. I set it so it automatically turns of after 10mins and only had to charge it every other 2 days but lately due to me beig able to charge it in sleep mode helps a lot and all of this was before you can dim the light. It's really not that big of a deal, people use to complain about smartphones battery life without realizing that Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and watching videos will drastically kill it. Leave your DS4 on all day without shutt...

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Ditto. I play this more than Infamous oddly.

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I like how it knocked me down to 85% but they could've at least added one extra trophy.

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