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agreed. some people are clueless and just trying to call things out to appease a certain group.

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very impressive sales for she series s/x. Not as far behind Sony as last gen either at 11 mil to 7 mil. Both consoles doing great thus far this gen.

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they should but they propably won’t.

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wth Polyphony??? A proper full fledged GT shouldn’t require an online connection for the campaign. GT Sport all over again it seems. Cant have a normal offline campaign anymore for GT I guess as Polyphony forgot how to create an OFFLINE CAMPAIGN GT. Rubbish.

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that’s a ridiculous statement…..the show was incredible. GOW, GT7, Wolverine, Uncharted collection. If that is not good enough than I don’t know what would be. rubbish article.

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that’s utterly ridiculous.

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Sony adding to their arsenal of studios. Good choice.

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that is quite the list of cars. very impressive amount.

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Condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

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I miss Layden. He was way better than Ryan imo.

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so much for true PS5 exclusives……..Sony doing the same thing everyone criticized MS for doing in holding back next gen games due to crossgen releases. unreal.

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maybe finally Fable and Hellblade? one can hope.

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looks like they made it more efficient. the launch model is a little noisier with the fan and had a lot of copper to compensates for the larger heat sink. the newer model has a smaller heat sink and doesn’t use the same amount of copper. the fan looks more efficient at channeling the heat out of the system . overall looks like a nice upgrade. lighter and more efficient system imo.

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should be improvements in less heat not more. more heat leads to shorter component and console life cycles. no way of spinning that.

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not a proper Saints Row imo. Should have brought Julius back and have him head up a new gang back in Stillwater or someplace else. These four members are more kid like than actual Saints material. Blown opportunity which seems to be the trend nowadays with many devs and franchise reboots or sequels.

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I would have loved to see a return to Stillwater and have Julius back heading up a new gang of Saints.

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agreed. not crazy about the cast either.

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exactly. these people are clueless.

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Kuma is a smart man.

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by it being a live game is he implying it is like Destiny? meaning it is only playable in an online state? hope not. that crap needs to die off completely imo.

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