Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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You're trying too hard. It's funny that you're running around parroting the same technobabble as if PS4's rep depends on your defence. Hundreds of people think the XB1 version looks better. deal with it.

You may get comfort agrees when you spew your nonsense, it will not change folks opinions, that are not hardcore Sony fanboys.

I get it, Sony and media plus fanboys hyped PS4 to the point where you guys thought...

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The title has so much Irony in it. Perhaps a prank?

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I was saying this on reddit and on a XB1 version stream on Twitch that resolution isn't what people should be worried about when it came to overall picture quality. Doesn't matter sites like Eurogamer will spin this with technical jibba jabba in favor of PS4.

Can't wait to see DX12 on The Division in 2015.

Only Forza killer coming out is Forza horizon 2(until Forza 6). We've seen the COD and Halo killers before ;)

An new IP Arcade racer a Forza killer LMAO

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I started seeing their bias when they claimed to had analyzed the PS4 version of COD-G praising 1080p when the review copy they had was 720p due to the 1080p not being patched in yet.

They will find every little thing that the xbox one does wrong and mostly ignore the PS4 issues if they can get away with it. Most of their traffic are PS4 fans.

I'm assuming this biased write up has to do with 95% of gamers thinking the game looks better on XB1 and Eurogame...

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16,884 gigs? Same HDD's can be used on Xbox Three in 2030 with all the games from all 3 consoles

(number based on 16TB+internal HDD)

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WTF was all that nonsense in that write up? why in the hell are these sites posting pics of a dynamic game with different conditions and capture methods? Raining,not raining, on screen,off screen, close ups, zoomed out.

Most annoying tabloid site on the web. In the end one will have higher resolution and the other better textures/sharpness/contrast IMO(if the delay had anything to do with MSFT's updated dev tools)



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Cant wait to see this. Lets see what one of the guys that worked on the movie Gravity can do.

Really old gif

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I have a feeling there will be some sort of dynamic interactivity that will be just as exciting as the content(until those games come out of course)

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Damn you Chris! You are fast(Reddit)

Anyways. I hope the powers is this game are dynamic(use at will).

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Like Fox news reporting on DEMs

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XB1's evolution is based on the fans requests and has nothing to do with competition.

My XB1 just became my go to media device. It's starting to be the media hub I assumed it would be back when XB1 was Durango.

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XB1 version has a more crisp picture, better contrast and not foggy. PC version has the most contrast or what PS fans call black crush.

It doesn't make sense to PS fans because they are not paying attention to the poor XB1 dev tools issue XB1 had at and before launch. MSFT software and hardware design was designed to leapfrog all hardware over time.

The dev tools being behind rumors came out with the DRM rumors of Durango but was swep...

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At the end of Halo 5 MC downloads Cortana into your customized character's suit(you) and prompts the XB1 to update with the Cortana software EPIC!!!!!!!! Just being silly.


We'll keep fighting your equality

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"Kinda ironic how the PS4 is better in every way"

You don't know that yet. LOL Could have other things toned down compared to the other next gen versions.

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If it's not becoming clear that the discrepancy thus far is due to poor MSFT dev tools then you are in denial.

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Hurry up! Can't believe XB1 hardware isn't even really being used yet. Behind closed doors Build 2014 DX12 is what XB1 was supposed to launch with but came out early due to PS4. MSFT slapped together 11 on XB1 as a placeholder.

All this performance drama for nothing. Can't wait to see hardware based tiled resources along with the other features. C...

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*please MSFT don't show something that proves what you were saying. You will undo all of the hard work S.D.F. has done destroying the XB1's reputation, instantly and will cause things to Turn around too fast to spin*

I thought all gamers on both sides wanted MSFT to show a demo in a game after MSFT showed the PC tech demo of cloud compute at Microsoft's BUILD 2014. I can understand the fear from PS guys though because if cloud is wha...

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You think that's black crush? The PS4 version is milky like the gamma was turned up too high or brightness. the PS4 version lacks depth and has no contrast whatsoever. LOL blaming PS4's shortcomings on XB1. Some of the lighting effects and textures are toned down on the PS4 version and the colors are off.

Sorry bro the world does not have a milky haze to it.
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Here Funantic here is a better look.

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