Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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Not sure about the claims made in this article. MSFT has a history of revealing the year's lineup during and after each E3. Sony's claims are always fluffed due to them announcing games at E3 two to three years in advance(lots of cancellations and delays) Sony uses trickery to garner hype. Even the known games are bigger on Xb1.

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And so it begins...

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I think the PS4 fanboys are twisting what Phil said in the first place.

MSFT said it won't be a massive change Doesn't need to be a massive change for parity or to do some things the other can't.

Don't see how fanboys are going nuts over this. Phil basically said DX12 won't be like releasing new hardware but will help devs make better games -or- devs won't have a hard time adjusting to DX12 vs DX11, which I think the former was the cas...

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Just poor WD shots to justify this rubbish click bait. At times WD destroys GTA. Cherry picking shots isn't worthy of article write ups. WD is one of those games where its representation is harmed with online pics and videos.

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According to the engineers you are wrong, your ignorant assumption is likely nonsensical.

Engineers have been saying memory bandwidth of 109GB/s “minimum” but up to 204GB/s for months(revealed at Hotchips). This more complex approach will in the end yield better results vs what you're talking about. PS4's peak memory bandwidth is *176GB/s*

Sick of seeing PS4 fans asinine remarks and comments relating to Azure cloud compute servers, DirectX 12 and XB1&...

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Yeah that's surprising coming from them ;)

Looks like folks are getting nervous over that DX12 conference that was announce for next week.


I see this statement as a response to being threatened(damage control)

I suppose Sony and pals need to do Some PR on this, so this does makes sense. Can't have the chip maker of your own console coming out with the competition during a conference talking about a rev...

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Looks like trolls digging for anything to spin DX12 on XB1. Perhaps damage control due to the upcoming DX12 event. DX12 has features in it that allow full multicore use and things like tiled resources(PS4 is using more cores better, than XB1 right now)

Comical fanboy damage control. Folks are out of their minds thinking DX12 won't benefit XB1. XB1 was designed to use DX12 only using the placeholder-DX11 for an forced early launch.

Won't help XB1, WTF?...

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Cboat and thuway tell to you think like that? "It's all fake" doom and gloom blah blah blah a software company can't software innovation because CBOAT says. Dem cloud and DX12 conspiracy theories :))))

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Thuway is a master manipulator. He's trying to lower expectations so what Sony does show will end up being overhyped. These folks are just Sony propaganda plants from Sony. I wouldn't be surprised if Thuway is just Cboat 2.0

These people most likely get bits and pieces of info from Devs etc., devs giving up what they think is harmless info to VIP's or friends and then these Sony plants piece together a fiction hoping it's right in favor of Sony(even leaking w...

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With a review this low they're mad about something ;) expect a punishing XB1 scolding with their next WD article ;)

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Never going to change, even when the do coming from this site.

They will ignore what the XB1 does better and only point out what PS4 does better. I'm surprised anybody still takes them serious after they got caught lying red handed over PS4 COD being 1080p when the review copy was 720p(Game doesn't come in 1080p, it's patched in)COD Dev set them straight(they said they analyzed PS4 1080p when it was not 1080p)

Their pro Sony agenda is nasty. Anywa...

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If you listen to the podcast or even read the article?(I have not read this article) Pope is talking about All companies not just MFST(Listened to the podcast on my XB1)

Pope is always wrong. He's also on the Sony bandwagon so he might being making that assumption out of spite(knowing Sony's offerings could be weak so paints everybody in this light) It's also the DS site's job to confuse fanboys that imply/suggest favorable ideas and beliefs, getting them to r...

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It's the PC, Obviously not the PS4 version because there is good contrast and not blurry with dark film over the screen.

On a serious note who knows what the devs have done. Population could have been turned down to get it to run better, or it was over populated to sell the game during E3 and was never representative of the game. *Or* the routines of the AI/NPCs are much more sophisticated than we thought and have truer to life activity(strict to the hour/minute nighttime...

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PS fans and media are trying too hard. And dat Haze or blurry picture is nasty on this version. The Vaseline film must be PS4's scaler. You can see it's blurry in comparison without even looking at the other versions. Dark and hazy is nothing to be boasting about. It's like S.D.F. is trying to brainwash people or force a narrative that's exaggerated.

Weak contrast and blurrier than the rest. Perhaps why Sony forces devs to get to 1080p to avoid going head to h...

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Why are the PS4 fanboys trolling over this? We already know XB1 has Parts of DX12 in it already, What's that have to do with the full capability of DX12 and all its features that are coming? LMAO

This article is wrong in some cases. PS4 fans spinning the vague & slight misinformation in this article. Using tabloid Gamingbolt articles that fit your agenda will not change reality. Folks sensitive over wolfenstein and watchdogs, making up spin.


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Agreed. It's making progress at an unheard of speed though.

Just finished the update. I'm getting that xbox 360 feeling, finally.

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Nice try, people have been playing the retail versions.


I know that. We've been looking at retail video for days. This article comes out making claims like they're revealing something we have not already seen. Building false hype as if what we've been looking is even better now, just from a few days ago.


"Nice try, people have been playing the retail versions."

"That is the...

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By destroying you picture or calibration. Alot of Sony movies have that same soft color palette and hazy/foggy look to them, you can not calibrate that out. Guess the Japanese think pastel colors and less contrast look good? Not realistic but easy on the eyes?

Better whites and blacks affect color and picture depth. Don't see why anybody would like a picture that looks like the GAMMA was turned up too high.

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