Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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In Forza games you can turn off everything on screen or have just what you want. I'm going to guess gamers that just want to take in the game's visual's will just be able to turn off all UI, gameplay and HUD feedback displays. Is that what you're talking about? Seeing the points, places and gamertags over cars on screen?

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You get the feeling Ubisoft wants to use cloud compute servers for the game(s). The game's design even points to this(advanced social features and unmatched AI in complexity and number). There was also a rumor that Ubisoft wanted to push DX12 hard in the future and lead all their future games on XB1. IMO The Division was factored in to this, when it comes to the game's delay. The crowds in ACU were so impressive they have remote CPU processing written all over them.


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It's Kotaku with their usual anti MSFT/Xbox controversy manufacturing knowing certain types of gamers would run with the misinformation. I'm surprised Kotaku is at it again so soon after their last blunder with the XB1 June SDK update and the GPU and Kinect misinformation.(Saying the GPU would only work if Kinect was unplugged, then implied that the GPU was the only improvements to the June SDK update)

MSFT had to actually come out and set th...

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"That other forza game looks like crap. It has 2d people"

As opposed to a game that plays like crap that has nothing but arcade handling and physics with weak car models.

Comparing Drive Club's shortcomings with Horizon's next gen game design is only greatly hurting Drive Club's case.

Horizon 2 is 30fps because it's *simulating* car handling and physics and environmental things like lighting, weather and day and nigh...

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Last generation gameplay design?

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It's like all the Mario propers on the latest Nintendo console in one package on the eve of the greatest Mario that will ever be created. The collection is the opening to a much larger effort relating to games, TV and other innovations.

BTW this site has so many viruses I get attacked every few minutes. My antivirus is working so hard my computer stalls and doesn't even pick up what I type all the time(leaving words out I typed)

The Halo 5 beta seals...

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Crackdown 3 E3 2013

Halo Wars E3 2014

Something MSFT has been doing since last year. So pay attention to trailers from other games at other game events this year or the rest of this gen.

MSFT left the Cloud Compute dem...

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Your obsession and panicked reactions over Forza Horizon 2 really shows the technological marvel FH2 really is, from it's graphical prowess to its car and environmental simulation not to mention the advanced social features.

You can't stand that the game is so impressive even the biased media are giving this game its due.

Who fucin cares if there is a 360 version coming out because there is no game on "console(s)" that comes close to the gam...

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It's Maria He/She is bold and has an ego to match. She leaves clues like using female characters in her Avatar and Bio(calling Card). And yes her style of trolling and posting articles is universal.

Always strong female characters in her/his bio(Female Kryptonian in this latested alt account)

It's a bait article to fire up Sony fans in a reactionary frenzy. She not only attacks XB1 but tries to provoke Xbox hate among gamers.

I think ...

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XB1 looks better. The Contrast article from Gamingbolt must of been tampered with. Video shows the XB1 is clearly sharper. I don't expect the guy in the video to be too hard on PS4 as he never is.

When you see the game running outside the gifs Gamingbolt provided with the game running in video you can see the XB1 version simply has a more advanced lighting application.

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I'd take anything coming from Gamingbolt with a huge bag of salt. It's just a pro Sony troll site known to make up sh*t and actually lie. There's no telling what we're looking at when it comes to the fairness of the capture quality/equality just as you can't trust the text coming from that site when they spin and twist bits and pieces of industry reps words.

We don't know the capture quality nor the internal video settings on each console. Weak contr...

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Forza Horizon 2 is the most technologically advanced Racer to grace a console. It doesn't matter if there is a 360 version because the XB1 version has nothing technologically close to it.

The two versions share a name but are made on two different engines and has two different developers, with two different feature sets. As stated by the devs they are not the same game bro.

The Xb1 version does not have the 360 in mind at all. ...

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MSFT on a high after E3 On a high because the industry and media before and after E3 awarded MSFT's lineup with praise that backs up these claims.

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Cooling unit for XB1 is garbage but the charging unit on XB1 is epic.

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He has lots of accounts and support from trolling. I think he's driving himself crazy over the XB1 because it's starting to reach parity, he even made a new account to attack the XB1

The haters are in shock over what's going on with resolution on XB1.

PS4 maybe better at some things(as the XB1 does things better than the PS4)But the disparity of thes...

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GPU is just part of the update. The SDK was improved overall(not saying any of this had to do with this) Folks mix facts and steps into one thing when it's not one thing. It's an new SDK which part of it unlocks the GPU if devs choose.

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Top of my list out of 1st party. No offense Halo fans.

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Just looks like Sony is worried and most likely has been hearing word of mouth praise from developers working on multi plats. Sony using ND to attack and smear due to their prowess in the industry on "Sony Hardware"

Looks like damage control. There is no doubt as MSFT prepares to release the DX12 preview this year and the fact 3rd party devs are working on it now, dev must be going to Sony saying what are you going to do to match this DX12 tech with our games becaus...

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It just amazes me that PS fans are so envious and hateful over Kinect that they have actually influenced mindshare and media talking points and even MS strategy. Instead of spending so much time on XB1 you guys should try to get Sony to deliver on more than hype.

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No one is going to take you serious trolling XB1 articles saying sh*t like "xbone" Are you a tween? Does it matter if you know about the engine? It's the most impressive and technologically advanced racer to ever grace a console. What is with people on this site needing to slam a piece of plastic like their toy is better than other toys? Tracking and trolling news/plastic that doesn't affect their real lives?

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