Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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In Forza Horizon you can turn on full damage and SIM handling. You can also change parts which affect how the cars perform. And yes it's open world multi player.

It's like comparing Destiny to Doom.

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There is no crushed black bro lol. It just seems that way because the PS4 version's blacks are not as inky. XB1 IMO has slightly better lighting/color/textures

The are 99.9 the same even when the XB1 version is not yet 1080p.

You guys are using the crushed black card because are shocked, doing damage control over how on par the two versions are.


"The difference is Destiny was meant to be play on the PS4 even...

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Rather have the console with better software and services. What good is PS4's supposed power advantage when the Software and features are so weak on PS4 the console is useless outside of playing a game.

It's funny how fanboys keep going on about PS4's power while ignoring what XB1 will bring to the table like its CPU, DX software and Azure servers, that for the most part will negate PS4's supposed advantages in several months. I say *suppo...

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That's *Stringer's* editing not IGN. The XB1 version was behind the lead PS4 version but the June update allowed XB1 to match the lead PS4 version(The lead PS4 version was not changed for XB1)

DX12 will make the June SDK update look like warm ups. Then Azure will show us something no console hardware...

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That's some "NextLeveL" sh*t ;)

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Why? It's not like they're going to tell the truth. They will blow up anything/flaw with the xb1 version and ignore/hide the PS4 flaws. The article will be carefully worded to give PS4 a victory due to their large very pro Sony readers base and the bias no matter what. You're going to wait for reaching, spin and gabs.

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Funny that all the pro Sony websites are the only sites posing about XB1 specs and mostly PS fanboys tracking and trolling the articles. Are you joking? No one can be this dumb.

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People on N4g not too smart?

lol Looks like MSFT is doing this everyday now. The hate is so strong the actual truth doesn't matter, the attacks still come. Garbage article from a Xbox fanboy? ;)

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Did the exact thing with DX12? So what you guys believe to be true is false yet again?

No one said anything about DX12 that would cause any rational person to thin...

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I don't even take what gaming media have to say seriously anymore. I just wait for word on the truth. Gaming media have become the most toxic evil institution in entertainment media. The fanboys running with the misinformation to attack is just as bad.

What's sad is media are starting to resent MSFT for setting the record straight on a number of things related to Xb1, hurting the credibility of these media sites due to the piss poor journalism. Media going after XB1 ...

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"Theres only so much X1 can do"

Like the environmental simulations and almost full simulation of cars handling and physics in a open world plus destructible objects with online multi player?

If drive club was doing what Forza Horizon was doing it would look like a PS3 game. Despite your opinions of visuals DC isn't close to the technical level of FH2. Tuning, painting all parts handling and performing different.

Yes DC looks goo...

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Not the end. Things like the crackdown tech, titanfall, and some new packaged services using azure. Stuff like AntStream and Onlive's Cloudlift platform shown too.
According to the speaker there are announcements of new games coming to windows platforms (including Xbox) that use different types of cloud tech that will be revealed during the show.
Chris Charla is doing a talk about [email protected] this afternoon, so probably some stuff there.

This is just Gamingbol...

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Damn logged on to a mass attack this morning. BS article after BS article. Is there something going on with Xbox that's scaring PS4 fanboys I don't know about?

Also this Maria person must be a N4G mod. Anyways maria is literally flat out crazy and/or has other major mental issues(no one in here is named Maria so if this comment gets marked it's a upset mod that's Maria)

It doesn't seem possible that a person could literally spend every wak...

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The damage control in here is crazy/looney tunes. I think a lot of people misunderstood what was happening with the disparity thus far. How many times do devs and MSFT have to say the XB1 dev tools were rushed placeholders? The disparity we seen has mostly to do with crappy dev tools, 10% of the GPU not used up until now and the CPU still only using one Core(until DX12)

We won't see natural disparity until much later into the generation if at all and by then MSFT's so...

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There is nothing to go back to, it never vanished, it's just PS4 fanboys seeking it out trying to make people shut up about it. Funny it's the people tracking any trolling this subject trying to convince people it's smoke and mirrors while complaining they're sick of seeing it.

If you're a PS4 fanboy and do not care about it GTFO of the articles and stop tracking and trolling them like they have offended you or insulted your console LMAO


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Makes sense due to XBL being a more solid online gaming service. Your opinion on the power of the two consoles makes little difference when XB1 is powered by advanced system software and dedicated cloud compute servers. Probably partners again based on the past relationship and knowing where MSFT will take XB1 through software innovation and their server network.

More shaders in a GPU means nothing in a MLG context, a stronger CPU with DX12 and cloud would provide a superior ...

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The feedback app that's part of the new preview Dashboard app is nice. Easy way for people to report issues and the screenshot features allowing you to snapshot the issue with your text is great. I'm impressed with the Preview Dashboard App.

Already used Quests, Surveys and reported an issue with Twitch ads having a glitch where the stream you're watching plays ad after ad, 4 or 5 times and sometimes never stops showing ads until you back out.


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What's weird is my hardcore COD friends say they will skip this one. Must mean the game is going to be good LOL

Looks like there is some actual depth to the gameplay in this game.

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Are you the *NextLevel* alternate ego? There is always the rational account and the attack dog account at any given time. Could be wrong.

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LMAO! The more games MSFT makes with cloud compute game engines and the more demos they show, the more fake it gets with certain people ;)

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