Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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I've been saying for months the disparity we've seen so far has nothing to do with PS4's capabilities and had to do with the rushed XB1 dev tools. Not saying PS4 won't pull off some great stuff with its supposed edge naturally later this gen but by then it won't matter with DX12 and azure coming.

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Did dude just change the title to another provocative title in the last few minutes? LOL

I'm sorry but many PS fans have mental and emotional issues.

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PS4 connection bottlenecks at esata II specs.

This is what I got with my XB1 (rep told me these new models of the fantoms don't have Toshiba drives in them and said they had either seagate or western digital drives in them but would not tell me which one)High end aftermarket-ish

That 7200RPM is magic. I love playing BF4 on this dri...

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A few days late with the news. Just completed my smartglass preview beta quests(texting the new features by using them)


New preview update just released a reddit friend has just told me. I hope it's more than bug fixes and tweaks.


Damn it's just bug fixes. One is coming soon with new features I read

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Agreed with most of what you said.

"But if Sony would have been down with this"

Sony's PR released a damage control spiteful reactionary comment that was spun into Sony being offered the service and rejected EA.

Until Sony Higher ups come out and say what the supposed Sony rep Email says it's just comforting spin. Sites wanting click bait or to do damage control and downplay ran with the spin(every article about it is based ...

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No source and a confusing quote posted with Gamingbolt's spin. I have no idea what the dev is talking about. Sounds more like the dev is talking about DX12 won't magically make current(already released) games 1080p if devs chose to patch after DX12 comes out.

I do know More anti Xbox articles are being written and posted after the positive hype XB1 has been getting lately.

Phil Spencer said DX12 won't be a massive change. Do you people know the me...

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How can you play it on PSN with that controller? :(
Some of my friends went over to PS4 and came right back to xbox in no time.

*Watches world premier at Xbox show*

*pre-orders for Xbox One with exclusive content*

*Buys second external 7200 RPM HDD*

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Unless "you're" providing proof you shouldn't be calling people idiots over this.

It was damage control after the fact( after the announcement/reveal) worded in a foggy/confusing way so pro Sony forces could spin away.

What Sony said was a PR response to its competition one upping them, there is nothing Sony said that solidly says EA came to them and was rejected.

The two services are not even the same. Does this really matt...

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Getting sick of these articles so I stopped reading them. Is this articles based on new info Sony released or still about that spun email?

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Only a delusional fool would think playing hundreds of dollars worth of games for $30 a year is bad. later on it could be thousands of dollars worth of games for $30 a year. Some gamers would spend hundreds on EA games a year. Discounts and early access to new games is a plus too. God only knows what the service will be like a few updates from now once it's out of beta.

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I don't see anything that says anything different from the other regurgitated articles talking about the same statement.

I'm sure there will be many more supposedly confirming whatever Sony and pro Sony people are trying to say o0

I was talking about an official statement from Sony released to credible media and not various media putting their own spin on that same salty damage control email comment from Sony? LMAO

What you are doing ...

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Jackass with a smart a55 tone.

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I was waiting for the BS articles about how Sony rejected the supposed offering. There is no proof EA ever went to Sony. Why would Sony reject a plan like this offering new games vs their own services offing old games with a rip off pay system, when the competition will have EA Access?

So the damage control begins followed by attack. That website has spun the context of that Sony statement. Sony was saying they took a look at the offering after it was announced and said it wa...

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The EA model solution is better for newish games.

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What's interesting Xbox 360 had the better GPU and weaker CPU compared to PS3 yet was boasted as the reason why PS3 was more powerful. Now it's supposedly the other way around with XB1 and PS4.

Xbox will never be allowed to be seen as having an advantage over PS. 360 had a better GPU and better multi plats yet PS3 was more powerful because of the CPU yet XB1 doesn't get the same treatment.

Fanboys used exclusives to negate CPU and GPU points last ...

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Clearly this was a painful and devastating thing for Sony to find out about. Fanboys are either envious or really worried. The fact Sony had to do PR on it tells you the gravity of this EA and MSFT partnership. Sony knows that this isn't some superficial deal but a co developed program by both companies .

The web was shocked/stunned and was silent for a day, now here comes the damage control, then the attacks will follow.

This PR damage control will only...

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So is this part of the EA and MSFT partnership that was revealed after the XB1 reveal and before E3 2013?

SO far games in the vault work(Games in vault are fully usable-like owning them), Game sharing works(although it's pointless in this case), You can pay for subscriptions with Credit cards or use a code(still some bugs for some hence being in beta form)

Perhaps an example of part of DRM plans that were attacked? MSFT tried to go through with it and are...

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For XB1 owners in the preview beta(click on the link in this link and sign into your Xbox account)

Also don't forget to check out the two new apps in the app store.

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Options are good. It's a smart idea for EA and MSFT because EA has so many annual games and is the reason I don't buy sports games.

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Which Halo? The old ones or the new one LOL?

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