Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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It's not just the game, it's the exclusivity that's symbolic of PS fans entitlement rights being taken away. A phenomena created in their heads based on the position they put XB1 in in the market with their attacks 24/7/365

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Today is bringing out how gamers can be emotionally undeveloped and angry.

The title is so silly I'm not reading the article.

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You forgot the MSFT rep response saying that quote is not true(basically being called out as salty wordplay by MSFT).

These pro Sony sites/media and PS fans have my gut hurting over this. Move on. It's sad that a MSFT reveal is the only thing Sony fans are and can talk about. Damn the show has so much more to offer, over the next few day. If you guys can't handle this presser, then there is no hope for the next few days and TGS


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Complaining helps no one. What makes gamers think it's 100% about the money? Maybe the devs like DX12 or Azure etc etc. Devs could be prepping for what MSFT has coming hence the reason haters are confused about devs backing the "losing team" Devs know better.

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They don't know!

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Pro Sony media and fanboys are reading too much into MSFT's caution when speaking about this(Careful wording). MSFT knows there are passionate fans and crazy rabid mouth pieces that will not like this.

There was/is nothing said that suggests a timed exclusive, what you're noticing from MSFT and devs is timidness and caution.

The fanboys have to move on. Haters have become so spoiled and unchallenged the crying feels more like folks are mad XB1 one up-...

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A couple of million new owners and faster 360 to XB1 adoption? Advanced design using MSFT's exclusive offerings?

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LOL No kidding Big sites won't even write articles or post the news about ROTR but you best bet, they're preparing the damage control spin articles(lies).

Been trying to find the news on IGN.

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The gameplay looks fun as hell. The graphical effects are truly next gen. At times I could not believe what I was looking at with the time distortions. Epic combat.


For once I agree with as well

It's looking like the combat/gameplay isn't going to be mindless killing but very tactical with the more powerful enemies.

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This is not a duplicate story. It's an article talking about the pro Sony slander against MSFT and the truth. N4G mods and fanboys trying to censor the news LOL.

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No. MSFT brought unexplained plans and fanboys and some media trying to put Sony back on top took advantage.

Example: What MSFT shows will be downplayed then attacked after gamescon by fanboys and media.

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So you posted basically what everybody knew already? Why the panic?

Azure will do remote CPU processing freeing up the console for other things. This Azure compute will do things local hardware can not and will allow more local resources to be used in other areas of the XB1's hardware, allowing more local hardware to focus on a couple of things *vs* many, improving performance in a indirect way locally, ontop of the CPU compute.

It's just a next gen s...

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Fanboys in denial over what MSFT knows they have is bullcrap.

Please stop this mentally ill smear campaign front, because we know fanboys are actually scared/worried not skeptical.

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Nope. XB1 uses cloud compute for the massive amount of AI on screen so it can run at a nice resolution. Oh I kid?

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No one is grasping other than people tracking and trolling XB1 24/7 grasping at its destruction.

" I don't mind letting them have it. lol"

Are you in charge of the way consumers feel about XB1? Get a life LOL

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PS4 exclusives are old PC games LOL

This is just fanboys trying to cash in on positive XB1 hype going on lately, and pre Gamescon damage control

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Might get it. I've heard PC gamers gush over this game.

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It's because Sony lied. if Sony lied folks have the right. No one is talking about 1080p upscaling from a lower resolution listed on a box. This is different, Sony made public PR statements saying a game is 1080p throughout and it's not.

Listing a max resolution for a game on the back of box(hardware enabled or not) is not the same thing as telling consumers a flat out lie about a spec explained in detail.

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It's funny how PS4 fanboys think they know the capability of the XB1 based on launch window games when the whole industry knows the XB1 had rushed slapped together dev tools with its hardware not even being fully/used on the same level as PS4, up until now.

Not fanboyism just facts.



XB1 using one CPU core for all the work and the GPU use at 90% up until June is "speculation"? XB1 no...

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I think everybody knew this hence the attacks and the drama that surrounded this game from the minute it was shown. Fanboys were in shock, then disbelief, then denial and finally on the attack.

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