Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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You're joking right? It's the same answer with one guy explaining why he can't say LOL.


"Is this news ?

Seriously ?"

This more legitimate news on the topic than some trolls on Neogaf making baseless claims. This whole thing is an attack on XB1 over BF4 & XB1 love in my opinion.

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Cboat and most Neogaf members are nothing more than trolls. Of all the info coming from Neogaf and their "insiders" No positive news and/or more exciting/important news is ever revealed. Nothing from Sony is ever revealed.

Just a bunch of trolls guessing, hoping and praying some of the guess work is right.

The timing is always fishy when these rumors come out. Suddenly CBOAT and pals know something just after Respawn announces the release date and t...

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I thought the resolution and frame rate were already announced to be 1080p and 60fps on next gen consoles. Neogaf is just N4G with smarter fanboys. Looks like the XB1 smear campaign is picking back up. XB1 pre-order talk and XB1 game grahpics got people insecure.

As if PS4/games having trouble freezing, console overheating, games being delayed, PS4 games not being as graphically advanced and/or complex as XB1 games = lesser XB1 games LMAO

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Ryse takes it even against tech demos, CGI and in engine cutscene assets that are not used in gameplay.

Photo real pic taken from changed camera angles for the cutscene. Ryse has high end looking PC graphics.

I think Quantum Break will top Ryse if it already hasn't, Then Halo 5 after Quant...

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Whichever console maker has made the most consoles. Allocation is what you speak of?

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Explain in detail please. No C-boat spin and guessing.

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It's exclusive to MSFT platforms and built from the ground up for MSFT's compute servers. I think people should "learn to let it go" until it's possibly announced for PS4 one day.

Hyping a PS4 version is misleading and not truth.

The damage will be done with the game being on the Xbox for years first, isn't that what people are really concerded about with this game?

Sony guys shouldn't be worried about Titanfall...

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I say the Xbox One is the talk of the town right now for the right reasons too. Even though the gaming media may not wan't to flip flop on the company/console they backed due to the DRM smear campaign, MSFT and XB1 are on fire with hardcore gamers and casuals.

MSFT is "Executing Exceptionally Well" right now. If you disagree it's because you're sheltered being in echo chamber blogs and forums that censors news.

I can't believe MSFT t...

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Rumors say the franchise will jump time periods. A medieval game was rumored next.

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Why did you post that? Dice doesn't wan't to use Azure because BF4 is on many none MSFT platforms and the development of BF4 came too late to use MSFT's servers.

What does a Titanfall, that was built from the ground up to use cloud compute servers from MSFT have to do with BF4, built to use EA's servers?

I could use two EA games using two different server networks against your supposed point.

Two different game designs. I'...

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Sounds pretty self explanatory.

"Be the First to Fall into Titanfall! Check back tomorrow for a special announcement."

Beta on PC and/or XB1

How is it coming to PS4? Respawn uses MSFT's Azure cloud servers for this game on MSFT's platforms(Windows/360/XB1). Sony's infrastructure isn't even complete or as advanced. Sony paying EA for EA servers?

Wouldn't it be smarter for Respawn to see if the ga...

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Based on the latest Ryse trailer and this tweet, what Cyrek said a few months ago still holds true relating to all visual cues and hud etc is removed on the highest difficulty settings. You use the sound and body language of the enemy to time attacks and use executions, having to learn the animation system. Plays like a movie.

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Just more troll spam. Seems to be working. The submitted article doesn't even make sense. The rumor was debunked in the article but posted here on N4G as new and the title claim confirmed.

Provoking trolls saying things like "another 180?" was the point of this fail article.

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Disagreed again.

MSFT sells XB1 on Xbox live, in Microsoft stores and MSFT websites. XB1 is ahead of PS4. Wish MSFT had XB1 selling in all the places PS4 is though.

Also XB1 software tracking is pointless now. Xbox gamers will be going digital, waiting for those XB1 sharing features to return.

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"how critical and consumer feedback made Xbox One a contender again"

Not just that, also MSFT fighting back with truth and appealing offerings resulting in these same people, the article is talking about to beat back and confront the real problem which were/are gamers from other platforms trolling with a smear campaigns.

As of late MSFT has been basically bringing it with info on the console showing great features left and right, showing game changi...

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Major Nelson said he feels good that its a XB1 exclusive for good but anything is possible. That's it LMAO

PS fanboys and gamingbolt always trying to make something out of nothing.

He didn't say he's not worried about it being timed exclusive. He said he's not worried that it might some day go to PS4 because he's confident in the partnership with Respawn.

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Game changing in the console space for sure. PC and phone apps working on the console plus new hybrid ones. It makes the XB1 more PC-like of any console ever made, with cloud compute making it perform on a higher level any console alone would be able to(in performance and feature/service).

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Got to get use to that class UI



"is it running 30fps? looks like it to me but im no expert,just a gamer"

Youtube runs at 30fps

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Money on this game being massive and uses cloud heavily in AI, scale and cloud compute.

Is this article really really old?

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