Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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Pro Sony people getting scared. It's the only thing they feel good about PS4.

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"Microsoft needs to stop chasing the 1080p carrot"
Because it's the only thing PS4 has.

-XB1 needs to do 1080p

-XB1 should not do 1080p

*head explodes*

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That's not true at all.

MSFT has said the core benefits many times...

-MSFT said they will *provision the -CPU- and storage equivalent of three Xbox One consoles in the cloud* The Japanese staff and media talk about the CPU allocation more than anybody so expect them to go big.(tech demo showing one of the things Azure can do, that was actually a game)

-Will allow for shared work with all CPU cores , the XB1 o...

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Last year you and your site was caught lying about XB1. You were taking pictures of XB1s in areas where they were shut off due to not being open to the public yet. You were reporting that XB1 was having widespread hardware issues implying the console was not ready.

As for who will win the show? Maybe the console that wins all the other shows? The console that has more money and resources resulting in much more offerings thus far. The console not selling only on hype and hate....

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Nah you're just spreading BS/fictional narrative Eurogamer tried to spread when they did that before and after XB1 GPU diablo comparison.

Eurogamer hunted for the most taxing parts of the game to find frame drops on XB1. Eurogamer threw PS4 in the mix/article and added spin based on an old build they tested PS4 on and then claimed the drops were not there before the June XB1 update on XB1.

Eurogamer did not test PS4 in the same area or build(they admit...

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The DX12 update will no doubt have Azure tools built into the overall SDK update at that time(around mid 2015, with low level DX12 software already in place now in XB1 as MSFT has said). IMO this is why some of the AAA 3rd party games were delayed so they could either take advantage of the full SDK or at least put in place a build of their software that can be updated with that upcoming tech. Devs that are friendly to XB1 or give the XB1 version of games exclusive content etc thus far are mo...

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Kind of a ignorant thing to say after the fact. MSFT making the changes to offer more choices for resolution to devs and articles like this and comments like yours come out? MSFT wasn't even talking about the industry as a whole, they were talking about this specific blockbuster game and it's development. Having a new SDK and an fully open GPU and not using these offerings was "Unacceptable" That's the context. The console isn't even under the same leadership when th...

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Being shown on XB1 is why people are trying to spin what people are saying. Folks don't like Impressive and XB1 in the same sentence.

Are the two observations even directly related? Meaning is Jack's opinion a response to the other guy? Or are the two observations slapped together to paint a damage control picture? Noticing issues doesn't mean something isn't impressive.

Folks that were there that report to reddit say the...

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So SE/CD went to MSFT for the deal and as an result MSFT is helping and funding development and co-publishing the game and the title has "(at least for a while maybe)" in it? Atleast they said *maybe*, so reality is sinking in for media. Seems to be more than about money alone, so it's not the Half of billion folks think lol

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NO... PS4 fans said that it won't help much. Phil said it won't be a "massive change" Selectively comprehending the meaning of the word MASSIVE won't change the fact DX12 will help XB1 big time.

Phil basically said don't expect the equivalent of a new console hardware with DX12.

"mas·sive adjective \ˈma-siv\

: very large and heavy

: large in amount or degree

: very severe&q...

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Phil Spencer

"the deal is similar to ryse and dr3". Tomb raider

Well at least this news from phil will stop the crazy PS fans from attacking people.

Even though what PS fanboys think this news means may be wrong.

PC for sure though

XB1 gamers get the game along the same lines as Ryse Son of Rome and DR3, that will have XB1 hardware and features in mind in development. Damage is done fanboys.

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Despite the good news today it's a sad day for gaming and not for the reasons the article says but because of the article and the like from media and fanboys.

If folks are crying over this they're going to hate what EA could announces in 7 hours.

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This is some sad PS4 fanboy damage control. I'm not understanding the purpose. FarCry will look good on all powerful systems as it's a multi plat. What does that have to do with a 2015 game made by devs known for their own graphical prowess?

TR now has MSFT's cash, Servers and software to work with, why would gamers forget about ROTR? Some will play both and I doubt anybody will forget no matter what console you own.

"Xbox fan boys are havin...

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Based on the reactions from this news and this very video I can understand the way devs and MSFT choose to talk about this game. It wouldn't have mattered how the devs and MSFT told gamers about this, the outcome would have been the same(or worse, if seen as boasting or talking about it too much)

I have a gut feeling the deal was made not only for money but what they wan't to do with the game, with Azure and DX12 etc and MSFT's experience with solid social feature...

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Can't deny the visual prowess of the game, so go after the gameplay mechanics. Let the damage control spin begin.

It doesn't look like the guy playing the game had to use any powers although not using them makes it very hard.

End crying... Any XB1 game with impressive visuals will always be attacked in any other way possible.

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The game has crazy physics action going on and fast. Putting that CPU to work. I watched that video again and the explosions make my jaw drop when I see every floorboard move in a ripple up in sequence and back down, fast.

I can see some deep gameplay with the suspended objects in time bubbles smaller than the car we seen. Exploding the same objects more than once to do damage is something I've never seen.

The guy that worked on the movie Gravity and his ...

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No one is talking about other games on any console around most of the web. On reddit folks are hyped over XB1 top exclusives and the sh*tload of features announced. Nothing but anger and damage control from media and fanboys, while Xbox staff and fans hide and wait out the storm not trying to say too much.

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Oh Stop it already. Go outside and play.

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