Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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There is nothing wrong with the PS4 version, the game has been developed the best it could on PS4 based on current knowledge of the PS4 hardware and the early engine the game is using.

The only thing that has changed is XB1 is using 100% of its GPU and has a more complete SDK compared to the one used at launch. I told fanboys it was foolish to troll XB1's post launch performance, when the very first DRM rumors even said MSFT was 6 months behind and Kinect would have a GPU re...

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"as expected" folks are going to doctor any big releases to give PS4 a win. PS4 versions are going to be claimed to look better, true or not.

It's Gamingbolt the biggest lying site on the web.



Weather and time of day is dynamic.

There isn't a million comparisons because there is no difference so pro Sony forces keep the fight on the down low. Leave it to Gaming bolt to troll for ...

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This guy is mad about something, making many accounts trying to spread this BS.

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Made XB1 and navigation 500% better. Now the console feels like 360 with XB1 advanced offerings(actually better than what 360 offered convenience. XB1 went from sometimes frustrating to feels so good I want to explore when multi tasking.

Check the full changelog, this is nothing. One of my favorite updates. Damn update makes the XB1 so much faster performance wise as well.

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Sony is thin on exclusives people care about so they use Destiny as a PS4 flag. Most are already a55 hurt the game will have the same performance on both next gen platforms.

A huge chunk of XB1's base getting the game isn't "5 people planning to buy this on the Xbone" as the person in here said in a moronic comment above. It's almost like they're offended Destiny is on XB1. Damn when Tomb Raider launches I will not be on the web.

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Thousands seen the game in not the newest builds but some later builds, the game looks this good.

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PS4 games are not being gimped and they never will be. They have not been gimped thus far. It's just folks doing some trolling/damage control due to MSFT getting their SDK to a reasonable state.

Everybody knew MSFT was 6 months to a year behind in dev tools etc before XB1 launch(and now fanboys that made issue of MSFT being behind, conveniently forget allowing fanboys to say the issue is PS4's hardware capability or lack of XB1's alone). XB1 didn't even use a...

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Warframe out today at 5pm PST, dev just tweeted.

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PS4 flag waving in a Xbox article using pleasantries as an excuse or way to do it. That's why you're getting disagrees.

I do agree this game will be good. Spare us the provocative fanboy talking points. "Game will be amazing across all platforms" WTF? why does that need to be said just to express excitement for the game? It's a mass platform release, no one cares what platform it's played on.

Anyways I'm glad I got my 7200 rpm 3T...

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It's funny how PS4 fanboys are so sure the *duration* means a mass platform release(timed exclusive). MSFT is co-publishing ROTTR and funding the development of the game. What MSFT said could mean a PC release for windows later on like DR3 and Ryse as they said when commenting on the deal being the same as those games.

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Things are changing. Everybody knew XB1 was behind a year in SDK development a year before XB1 launched, yet everybody forgot and bought into the Sony koolaid. Not saying PS4 won't *naturally* pull ahead later on but by then MSFT will have caught up negating PS4's hardware. It's like saying 360 was comfortably more powerful than PS3 based on the first year or so of last gen(PS3 issues).

XB1 is starting to catch up with the might of MSFT's software prowess fina...

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Eurogamer and IGN are just as bad. So is N4G

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IGN/Eurogamer next? And then finally sites like N4G?

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Probably means that it's not static or on a "rain level/track" It's probably simulated to a degree but nothing on the level of Forza Horizon 2. More natural behavior(sprinkles, then poors etc)

It means the rain is more than just a graphical effect. You are right for the most part.

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Still polishing the game to this day. WOW. More detail and better lighting with more natural color. Gamescom looked different from E3 as proven on reddit with pics/vids and now this looks better than gamescom build/older.

When I first seen the story pic I thought they used a real picture of that car for this thread. I can't believe this game has the same features as Forza 5(Tuning, SIM settings etc)

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I found the reaction funny. I picture fanboys reacting like Angry joe's crazy A55 in his rant over this game. Even the media that leans Sony were angry and spinning info. Had devs and MSFT scared of this mentally ill/emotionally unwell/bipolar force in gaming now. Sony was always good at working the "passionate gamers"

Truth doesn't even matter anymore with these people, only their belief and forcing it on others.

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Don't even try they're crazy man.

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Yeah whatever you say. XBL has been hit and miss since the Preview program started due to XBL and XB1 being upgraded so often with multiple OS running on XB1's with different features. Dude was just looking for clicks with this click bait. XB1 has a live status posting on the XB1 and this stuff happens every other day.

I'm surprised a pro Xbox site tried to spin XB1 into Sony's mess and not a fanboy Sony site, then again dude did it for clicks.


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This pun is nothing compared to the pro Sony sites commenters doing so much damage control they're patting Sony on the back for this.

We love you Sony

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Eurogamer spinning *duration* When MSFT said the deal was like DR3 and Ryse in the same interview. It's crazy to think media didn't assume PC instead of PS4 etc. Gaming media/PS fans are poison right now. MSFT said they were co-publishing the game and funding its development. Media left out most of the details and spun as a payoff only with marketing only so they could create a fictional narrative.

Eurogamer hunted for the most taxing parts ...

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