Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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I'll wait until MSFT releases system software that wasn't slapped together in a rush before paying this claim in this article any attention. XB1 isn't even using its hardware as fully as PS4 does so these kind of claims are premature.

I'm not saying PS4 won't "naturally" pull away but as of now XB1 isn't even on the same playing field when it comes to devs having full access to hardware. By the time PS4 "naturally" makes gains it wo...

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I'm not really understanding the point? Showing the PC (target)version day scene from E3 and comparing it to a XB1 night scene. Desperate for hits?(to say the least)

Don't even know what I'm looking at. Captured live or offscreen etc. is the one of the last places you would wan't to get content related to aynting xbox.

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XB1 already has some of DX12 enabled/THERE. It's not obvious to you XB1 launched early and was suppose to launch with DX12 onboard? XB1 dev tools and the OS are a mess because MSFT slapped together a placeholder OS/system software based on DX11+ as reaction to believing Sony would wait to 2015 due to Sony boasting timelines.

I can't believe there are trolls in here doing damage control spin, saying DX12 won't do much for XB1. DX12 could allow XB1 to do things no o...

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How in the hell did it fail? MSFT offers an option to buy the camera. Never heard anything about dropped innovation or halted support for its advancement.

Man Eurogamer is a POS tabloid site now. Its new pro Sony agenda is nasty.

Kinect's issues were a mix of real gamers not wanting to pay extra to make the next gen leap, NSA tinfoil hat freaks and PS4 fanboys envious Sony doesn't have something as advanced. Mostly PS fanboys trolling so much they sha...

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MSFT announced they would be making pre E3 announcements every week leading up to E3 almost 2 months ago.

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You guys read the article? LOL even if you had the context right WD kills Destiny in universal hype.

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The game started development years before they knew what next gen hardware they would be dealing with. Heck one of the consoles has unfinished Dev kits/tools to this day using a placeholder set.

Lets not go bananas over this. These consoles will produce games that will visually destroy anything consoles had last gen later on.

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Never listen to blog forums running with info that seems stretched or used as a tool to boast and attack one thing vs another, even if it makes its rounds through big game media.

Anyways these supposed "insiders" are doing more damage than the spinners and liars with agendas.

I care more about the rumors(and spin that followed) related to the server based remote processing than resolution.

Damn those IGN comments counting up like the ...

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So you two think that was a mistake? It was just a lie meant to mislead gamers and force the resolution topic again. Just a temporary ploy to chip away at the xbox mindshare.

Sony does this all the time. Sony just didn't think folks would question the WD 1080p60fps claim due to the PS4 hype and S.D.F. attack dogs.

It worded with Killzone Multiplayer lies but not this time.

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Yet a Sci-Fi shooter with the same Halo feel is so fresh :/

Lets be honest over this Destiny vs Halo fight fanboys are trying to create. You guys do know destiny isn't PS4 exclusive right? So stop trolling in that context

Calm down man Your comment history is rabid. We get it, you don't like xbox.

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"but I must say I am tired of all the talks of what it "could" .."

I think what you're saying is you don't like devs and engineers telling people that developers have not begun to tap the XB1's full potential.

You can't be too "tired" of it if you feel the need to track and troll all related articles with damage control. Perhaps you mean, it's getting tiring keeping up with the articles to do damage control. ...

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"you mad brah?"

TRD is upset, trolling every article related to Sony?

To the article... Xbox One is really going to be a major piece of the MS ecosystem outside of gaming with the way they planned for the box, allowing fast and compatible co-development was a good investment.



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No mention of the XB1 version's resolution on a Sony site? shocked LOL

Funny how people in here are saying "mistake" vs lie?

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So it's a bit further in the future then?

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Says " " and PS fans.

Had my popcorn ready to go just waiting to see what pro Sony folks would come up with in reaction to this news, took a bit to try to find fault/spin with half A$$ logic at best.

Looks like media and fans of other consoles with a lick of sense know better than to attack or try to spin this. Yay for the rational!

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The Couch folk may have some better ideas than Sony had.

This Sony financial issue explains why Sony was so desperate last E3 when they trolled MSFT and the general planting of propaganda trolls all over the web. Also instigating their fanboys to go on the attack was a tactic.

I hope Sony doesn't rely on PS4 too much, that situation can change at any time for the worse.

This topic is probably the initial reason why Sony is so dependant o...

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Took the media and fanboys long enough. If these things help you sleep better. Spin and lie away.

"Do you listen to youself sometimes"


XB1 didn't win tech awards for nothing LOL


*Xbox turn troll off*


Looks crazy troll named himself "Xdone" Do I care what he says? Nope! Perhaps some gamers need to see a psychiatrist?

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One Remake and seems like a waste of time and resources with their biggest game known so far(halo 5/next), no offense to H2 fans.

I'm not sold on the halo 2 rumors

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Yep the smallest country is china :P

Only in Sony la la la can the XB1 do no right. Releasing in 42 countries will reduce sales :/

More countries won't mean anything (Oo)

China plays PC even though consoles were not legally allowed to be sold (Oo)

Go play.


There will be no Kinect-less XB1 SKU. MSFT would rather take a hit on the overall price with Kinect and XB1 together.

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Why were the devs showing showing day and night cycle videos? Must of been trolling forza on sony's part. First sony and devs lie about Killzone multi player resolution and now this trickery. Makes you wonder what else sony is lying about. Does Sony know xb1 resolution issues are from unfinished dev kits? And not power yet still manipulates the fanboys with res wars? This will be swept under the rug and ignored with a free pass as always

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