Xbox One/Kinect & Azure CLOUD is Cortana-Quorra-AI Isomorphic(ISO) XB1 Power giving rise to true AI
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I don't find it odd at all. Devs mentioned parity and the reason(CPU) and PS4 fanboys assumed it was the XB1 holding the game back when it is the PS4 holding the game back.

You find it odd because PS4 fanboys ignore what has been said or S.D.F. covering up info related to how XB1 works, even brainwashing the biggest Xbox fans.

Devs and MSFT were cautious about talking about this. Ubi hinted at the real reason and no one payed attention.


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Starting to seem like the PS4 version is the worst version. Perhaps a partnership with MSFT and MSFT software innovations. First sites are reporting the PS4 version being worse visually but now on performance. If Eurogamer is saying this, you know they're hiding more in the PS4's defence.

The XB1 version Performs better because put simply, XB1 does some things better.

Just got into it with *Lukas_Japonicus* in the "Assassin's Creed Unity PS4 ...

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Starting to seem like the PS4 version is the worst version.

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Despite your damage control outburst, that's beyond the point. It's clear the devs had to cut things back because of the CPU issue and since the PS4's CPU is slower, among other things, the PS4 version suffered the most. What makes a console capable, is more than simply counting pixels(GPU parts)

This game is very advanced with scale and AI never done. The game is hardware taxing.

Lets see how fast Eurogamer comes to the PS4's rescue with lies...

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PS4"s CPU shortcomings, it's a way for the PS4 to get around its CPU. Going with the faster clocked CPU etc. and Azure remote CPU processing, is going to prove more important than a few more CU/shaders going forward with, next generation game engines and game design.

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XB1 will always have games with better AI and physics/simulation. The faster CPU, Azure and finally DX12 will make Xb1 known for running more advanced complex games(not talking about graphics).

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MSFT is just trying to give Xbox owners what they had on the 360. Sony isn't a software company.

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So if you read the article vs cherry picking quotes the PS4 is actually the reason or at least more so than the XB1.

I knew this game would be gimped by PS4 but I thought it would be a cloud compute thing as that was my assumption after the game was shown. CPU all the same with the gimping.

UBI allowing MSFT to market this tells you the game was built around XB1's advantages(massive amount of smart AI on screen) and then scaled to PS4's cpu.

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Go with the features you want or even reviews if you have to.

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So for the rest of this generation pro Sony forces are going to cherry pick developmental stages of XB1 versions of games so they can condition the way people see the console with provocative articles, giving PS4 more sales.

You can always tell when XB1 is doing something big because many of the same type of attack/negative articles come out at the same time. When I seen the PES 2015 and Project Cars articles, I went looking for the positive XB1 news the articles were damage ...

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No one on reddit understood the reason. Folks thought it was either lazy or Sony's doing. Focus on PS4 optimization seems to be more than PS4 sales and supposed hardware advantages.

To be honest, with XB1 having so many games, multi plats performing the same and DX12 etc coming, I would not trust any news about XB1 that is negative.

No one finds it odd that Destiny comparisons are almost non existent? If the XB1 version of Destiny was worse or even the s...

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*looks at pre-ordered game* in que :(

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Dust it off? You stopped gaming for a while? The console has the most to offer.

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Oh :)

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The issue is on XB1 as well. I was fighting the Archon priest and it only had a sliver of life and BAAAMMM!!! booted :(


Yeah. I assumed that. The article was wondering what Platforms were affected.

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I hate Sony but you don't see my a55 in Sony/PS threads talking about it. Sony has fu*ked gaming up and has made the industry toxic with their fanboys. The topic is about Scalebound P

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It seems like the devs that have hands on with it and want to use it say it will improve XB1 performance. The devs that have no hands on or Sony leaning teams say it will do little.

To be honest, IMO waiting for DX12 is the reason some of these big titles have been delayed.

XB1 uses one core for all of the work, DX12 will allow shared work across all 8 cores. I'm sure the DX12 SDK build will have other parts like features we don't know about, hardware...

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Diablo was barebones at first with poor reviews, D3 has expanded from its core release. Destiny has a gameplay design that's hybrid with traditional console game design. Give it time. Comparing a top down game with a huge/open FPS is stupid, it's obvious Destiny is in its base form. Diablo is my 2nd most played game yet.

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Just paid for this an hour ago through the demo.

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Looks like you PS4 fanboys don't like MSFT in China. Trolling in here isn't going to help or hurt anything.

One time activation and no resales is hardly anything close to the old policies in the US. There is DRM in all content and selectively being morons to attack MSFT's and/or China's DRM shows how fanatical PS4 fanboys are. Out of all gaming why are PS4 fanboys have so many mentally ill members?

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