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Except most of those 25 million subs signed up using $1 upgrade which is stackable up to 3 years or the $3 new user deal. I've also seen a lot of people using Microsoft rewards and discount sites to get Gamepass. Aka MS isn't making $250 million a month from Gamepass. Lastly you're not factoring how much MS has to pay 3rd party developers to host their games or how much it cost to develop first party titles. You and I both know that Gamepass has probably gutted their already low g...

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@eonjay The problem is who gets to decide what is and isn't acceptable speech? That water has necome very muddy over the past few years with cancel culture. It has turned into a situation where there is an increasingly higher number of 3rd rail topics that if you talk about you get banned. That's not free speech, that's a companies politics dictating policy and is fascist...

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GT is literally used for Esports competitions or have you not heard of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships? It has literally launched the careers of professional racers. Aside from that there is an entire aftermarket of wheels and cockpits to make GT simulators and several professional racers use GT to practice their lines and learn tracks...

Aside from that GT is the best selling racing franchise of sell time and one of the best selling video game franchises ever..

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WRONG. Xbox live has 90 million active users, that includes free users. PSN has 114 million active users. Of those 50 million are Plus subscribers.. Try again.

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What is it about Microsoft that makes them understimate Sony constantly? They assumed with the original Xbox that their vast amounts of money could just buy success, they failed miserably.

They began work on the 360 well before Sony to beat them to market and they also cut way too many corners stripping features to be sold as expensive accessories, ignoring internal concerns about reliability, and thinking they could buy exclusivity deals. The result was the RRoD and watch...

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They have underestimated Sony at every turn. They figured with th OG Xbox

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Clearly Sony knows how to be successful in the gaming sphere, in fact they have far more clout than MS.

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The PS3 was never a mess, it was just overly ambitious and expensive. It proved to be an extremely robust setup that delivered some of the most incredible experiences. Saying it was a mess implies it was shoddy in some way and it was far from shoddy. It taught Sony a lesson about price and they took that lesson and hit a homerun with the PS4..

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My playthrough clocked in around 39 hours over 5 days. Beat the story and I have very little else to do besides beat the valkyries and find all of the Ravens.

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I'm beyond stoked for this game. I pre ordered the special edition PS4 Pro and I also pre ordered the Stone Mason edition of the game. Yes I know the system comes with a copy of the game, but I'm that fanatical about GOW that I just had to have the collectors edition.

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I love how much the goalposts move for Xbox shills. The PS4 is undisputedly more powerful than the X1 and has bwen putting out some graphically stunning games and you all just pretend like the past 4 years didn't exist. Now that Microsoft has been forced to rebuild the X1 from the ground up suddenly you all are beating your chest claiming more power.

There's a reason the x1 is being slaughtered in sales and it has a lot to do with Sony's strong first party..

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Literally nobody is running out to buy a switch for those titles. When it comes to innovative and new exclusive ips Nintendo falls short.

Outside of a Mario or Zelda game name the last time Nintendo had a smash hit? Wii sports doesn't count because it shipped with every Wii sold....

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Playstation Now's only downfall is pricing. It has nothing to do with this authors perception of Sony's digital ineptitude. People don't want to pay the exorbitant prices of Now and Sony seems unwilling to fix it, Probably because of the price they paid for Gaikai. However Sony has been doing some great things in the Digital front. Lest we forget that they pioneered PlayStation Plus, which Microsoft has since copied with Games for Gold. Sony has also been utilizing a pre-download ...

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@PistolsAtDawn PSNow is built on GAIKAI which was and is a Cloud storage company. Do you honestly think that not only do they not have a huge server farm already in place but that it isn't scaleable? You make far to many assumptions about Sony's ability to compete with Microsoft in this space.

Its laughable how you Microsoft elitists think that they are some kind of untouchable conglomerate that does things light years ahead of everyone else when they are being spa...

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OH you mean like Microsoft did with Blu ray? Or how about Games With Gold being a blatant rip off of PS Plus? Kinect after the success of the Wii? Which by the way was long after the PS EyeToy..

Microsoft is just as bad about using the wait and see approach to things so dont start that nonsense.

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Sony had dedicated servers for their exclusives all of last generation on the PS3. Yet I remember the 360 fans declaring that they werent necessary, suddenly Microsoft is championing them and its a big deal to the X1 crowd.

Dedicated servers are incredibly expensive especially when you need to scale and maintain them. Third party server solutions have become cheaper and the technology has improved to the point that I bet none of us can tell the difference between 3rd party a...

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@Septic @donthate
Need I remind you that Sony purchased Gaikai, a 3rd party cloud storage company? They are already running and streaming full games from the cloud with PSNow.

You honestly think they can't make the jump from that to cloud computing if they wanted to? You're dillusional if you think that.

Maybe Sony hasn't crossed that threshold because they realize that the tech isn't viable yet and the amount of money needed to s...

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PS Now's entire catalog of games is run and streamed from the cloud so in that category Sony has more.

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Azure is mostly for business related enterprises for storage, offsite data handling, and to facilitate shared data amongst the many branches and divisions of most modern companies.

Microsoft has been trying to leverage Azure for gaming with no real tangible gains so far.

Im on the side of the fence that is skeptical of the claims Microsoft has made that it will have on the gaming landscape. Most of what they promised they have under delivered on for years no...

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Well for starters XBL has existed since the original Xbox launched so Microsoft has had over a decade to get it to its current state. PSN didn't exist until the PS3 launched which was a year after the 360. So for Sony to launch their ambitious new platform alongside the expensive PS3 and reach parity in the time frame of one generation is utterly impressive.

At the end of the previous generation both online platforms were nearly identical with t...

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