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It's such a fantastic game, and if you've never owned or played it then you'll certainly get your money's worth.

It just sticks a bit in the throat for those of us who already have the game for PS3 and paid for the DLC etc.

The pricing is just the same issue as the GTA remasters all over again

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What the article fails to mention is that it releases free to PS+ subscribers when it's released.

May or may not be the reason they don't have I for preorder.

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It seems like some people are just blind to sarcasm when you don't mark your own posts as such (looking at you Chris)

Sad times

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Yeah it is a bit "rinse and repeat" tbh

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I'm assuming you mean how much money it generates or copies sold rather than how the game performs? (aside from the minor bugs that plague most of the Elder Scrolls games etc)

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Why is this showing as one of the headline articles?

It's Christmas day, I flick on to N4G to read some news or updates on gaming, and instead get what is effectively an advert for Amazon as one of the top articles. Notably with zero comments showing how much people took an interest in it.

You couldn't make this s*** up

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I like many people, probably overuse lol's in my online messaging, but I genuinely laughed aloud with that comment.

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Interesting review. Had never heard of this until clicking on this posting. Will give this one a go

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It's not.

But really, this is an article from the Sun newspaper. Granted it's correctly marked as an opinion piece, but you really need to question why it was submitted AND approved so that we can all waste time commenting on it lol

That question is mainly aimed at MASTALEEP

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To make the PS 5 Camera even less essential, Sony for whatever reason decided not to try and make it backwards compatible with the PSVR system.

So if you have PSVR and are looking to use it on your PS 5, the sensible option is to keep your PS 4 camera and get a free adaptor from Sony to plug into your PS 5.

In this case, Sony have conspired to make the device far from essential. This is a good example of common sense going right out the window lol.

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Yeah, and as you can also look back on, they were still producing cross gen games after the release of PS4 so I'm not really sure what point you're trying to make.

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Well, to counter that and applying your same logic, there are over 150 million PS4 and Xbone consoles out there so should they really ignore a market 4 times larger than the current gen market. Especially when those games can still be played on current gen hardware.

What's so wrong with some games targeting both markets and others targeting current gen only? The current system is far more inclusive and doesn't force people to upgrade right now when it's actuall...

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You will be charged the price that they are on sale for.

Am the missing something here or is your question being lost in translation?

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Lol, the things you need to explain nowadays eh

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Yeah, and on the shelves many remain so you could ask why double down?

Sony has their fingers in multiple electronics, cameras and multimedia entertainment markets. You don't.

Yet we're meant to listen to your assessment of their business decisions whilst keeping a straight face.

Lol, get over yourself.

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Are you sure it isn't more lack of availability lol.

The thing is a monstrous size, but it still looks mighty pretty under my TV.

You can also change the faceplates etc. Worst excuse ever for not owning a PS 5.

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I'd rather have an enema than a new knack game.

A new killzone, resistance, motorstorm, driveclub or even a days gone sequel would be more welcomed than flogging any more life from the knack series.

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Astrobot was a likeable character. Knack wasn't.

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Knack was a few things, but amazing wasn't one of them.

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Lol, coming from someone who's named himself after a politician who doesn't even know what shame is.


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