I've always been lucky when it comes to killin folks..


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Right.. So I guess that's why MS's Kin phone was on the market a whole month before it was pulled for poor sales.

What is with the ignorant bigots in this thread taking the pizz on America and Americans?

Real classy UK. Which is funny because it's the second largest gaming market and second largest market for Xbox. Must be the name on the box.. har har

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why would you want to control your avatar when you are actually in the game?

Because an avatar would actually look good instead of the embarrassing lameness of a 2D cut out of you.

Even when you jump it just spins the picture in a circle. I understand it's limited by the tech and the way they are integrating the image but this crap deserves 4/10. As if the punching and kicking to the sides wasn't lame already.

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oh god, tombstone fanboys are the worst! ;)

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"UPDATE: According to a tip received by IGN, Microsoft will use the Spike TV Video Games Awards (VGAs) to introduce some big action games, including new titles for the Kinect. This could be the titles that IGN was reporting before."

I dunno... It's anyone's guess.. MS has some announcing to do for sure because they have an empty plate for 2011 at this point.

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Poor? To you maybe. I've had plenty of fun with the launch games and so has the family. Not all of them are winners but why try and start sh*t?

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hahaha it never fails here after year the same lies.

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Just admit you have no idea what your talking about. Oh and Splinter Cell is a Ubisoft game genius.. How can MS control the release date of that? So you managed to name 2 games out of the hundreds that have been delayed.

You could be proven totally wrong? Yeah, I would say judging by your comment that is a damn good bet.

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Do not agree with much of this list at all.

Kinect, Move, AW and GT5 are far from disappointments.

This is sure to start a firestorm but I hope we can agree to disagree.

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Shouldn't you be leaving then?

Considering you lecture haters to get lost and then launch into a hater-aid tirade about 360 games.


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That was just the first video that came up. I'm sorry I don't put actual work into the trolling like a job.


Here you go.. flying karts. Now am I as cool of a troll as your boyfriend cobs?

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Shouldn't you be lecturing people to "give it a chance" or do you only reserve that for PS3 stuff?

You are one of the biggest hypocrites on this site. A fanboy lecturing people not to be fan boys.

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Eu: Reviewers can only review what they are given. Reviewing in the game industry is not something new. If Sony isn't prepared and can't get the reviewers online access they only have themselves to blame.

I'm not saying I am siding with the reviewers or agreeing with them. I am simply stating the reality and it's not just 1 reviewer here are we saying anyone who scored it less than a 9 didn't review it properly? I hope not, because that is ridiculous....

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AW, Reach, Fable 3 + I believe there are 17 Kinect games. If you can't find something then you need to go buy a DS and STFU. You downplay Kinect as hype but it seems to be selling very well so whatever the reason a sale is a sale.

What is the competition offering? GT5? AA racing game and a bunch of Move titles? Even Nintendo has at least DK which is scoring well..

I can paint a negative picture as well.. But the fact is there is a lot of compelling s...

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Ahhh, you feel bad so you troll Forza how cute.

Yes, real racing sims play like this LOL


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RIP Uncharted movie.

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It's also getting a lot of 9's and 10's too.

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Versus the same account ALFAxD_CENTAURO has always used to troll.. He is having a tough time with Forza 3 > GT5.

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It really is pitiful.. You are spot on. Now that GT5 isn't living up to expectations I expect the maturity level here to drop even further and become even more desperate.

Just understand that not all of us PS3/360 owners are like these absolutely desperate and nutty fanboys.

I dunno why anyone has to come in here and bash when this is a positive thing for 360, even if the numbers are still very low. Any improvement in the 360's most struggling mar...

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Wow, talk about delusional..

AAA and GT5 in the same sentence I stopped right there.

You enjoy the exaggerations fella.

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It's all a matter of taste and opinion but the measures we use to rate things show it as..

Forza 3 > GT5

Of course everyone is lying. The excuses and mass dillusions here are showing yet an even more nuttier and wacked out mentality of a particular fanboy group. I have never seen the kind of stick your fingers in your ear and live in your own world mentality since GT came out.

Had this been on another console things would be very diff...

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