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Yp wssup.


Not impressed with 13-2. Lame characters, story seems not so inspiring. Seems more like a spin off than the a real sequel. More importantly, they are claiming to be "fixing" some of the problems. But here is the problem: the complaints from the first game should never have been there in the first place.

As it stands now, Im still on the sidelines. More interested in other RPGs like Skyrim, Dark Souls.

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Glorying DLCs eh? Dont be mad yo. That 50 million Rockstar earned from MS, is being used for The Agent as we speak.

Have fun with Gay Tony.

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No value in the heater.

Simply put, everything it CAN do, PS3 does better.
PS3 can do things, the heater cannot. Like having Blu Ray.

98% of the heaters line up, is multi platform. Im not stupid enough to buy the heater when everything it has, can be gotten on PS3 or PC already.

It is the xbots that need to get a PS3. Because PS3 has some of the most unique games available to it that can be found nowhere else. THE POWER OF THE FIRST AND SECOND PAR...

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Why am I not surprised?

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And PS3 has 4 times more HIGH QUALITY games than 360 in 2009.
Dont believe me?

Yakuza 3, Triple A
Demons Souls, Triple A
Uncharted 2, Triple Triple Fking A
Ratchet, Triple A
MLB The show, Triple A
Killzone 2, Triple A
Infamous, Triple A
Fat Princess
Wipe Out Fury
More LBP goodness
Valkyria expansion

We got more stuff to look forward to while you are playing Ninja Blade.

And 10 times...

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Nintendo openly admitted that there is no timeline in Zelda. And to anyone with half a brain, this was OBVIOUS from the very beginning.

And still these Nintendoinformer fools claim differently. Basically saying that Nintendo is lying. I mean lol. How ridiculous is that?

Nintendo created the darn thing, Im pretty sure they know it better than Nintendoinformer. In fact, Im betting on it!

And indeed, why must there be a timeline in the first place? Mario ga...

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SF4 is broken. The characters are unbalances and spamming the same moves as Sagat will get you incredibly far.

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MGS was the correct answer. Your friend is just a sour Nintendoboy loser.

Zelda has no story. Actually, the potentional for story is great. Young village dork rises to become hero blah blah.

But the way the game ends up being, is always so bland lol.

It doesnt help when the games are always made using last gen technology.

- no voice acting on ANY character
- script and character lines resemble a C movie
- movie experience like M...

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Thats why every Zelda feels like a remake of the old.

They twist a little bit here, a little bit in the fighting there. But overall, the picture is the same.

The story is pretty bland for an RPG (but then the Zelda fans are like "but but but ZELDA IS NOT AN RPG, YOU morAn".

Funny how Zelda is not an RPG when it comes to the storyline but it always get nominated and wins the RPG award. And conveniently, Zelda is an RPG then.


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What you gonna do when big bad PS3 comes for you?

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"And yet the cars don't control nearly anything like their real life counter-parts. "

"Says who? Is that why Forza is the higher rated Racing sim since becoming a franchise? Faulty and make believe opinions don't matter."

>> SAYS every fking professional racing team.


There is a reason why GT is called the MOST realistic racing SIM.
Forza isnt a racing SIM. Its a fking ARCADE racer claiming to be a SIM. ...

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Animations not on par with KZ2.

No real time lighting effects, particles effects not on par with KZ2, physics are non existant, no real time ray tracing, environment doesnt respond to you, no bullet hit detection like KZ2, textures are not on par with KZ2.

All these things and more...cant be done because the 360 is maxed to the limit.

I will thoroughly enjoy LP2 on the PS3 knowing PS3 has access to 99% of EVERY NEXT GEN GAME ON THE PLANET while 360 does ...

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No, actually Im not.

Did people actually believe "braintraining" improves IQ or something?

Well, guess all these smartasses werent smart enough to see through the "abdominator 3000 device will help you get into shape with just 2 minutes of training, everyday. Order now!"

Oh pulease. Wii fit, braintraining, wii yoga all that shiat is nothing more than just another fancy "abdominator 3000"

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"The PS Eye doesn't read movements of the controller that are too far away or very fast, nor it has a pointer. How Sony will fix that in the final product?"

>> no, the point you bring up is too stupid for words. I mean, how far away from your TV do you intend to stand when playing games?

10 meters? GTFO!

The reality is that most people sit only 1-4 meters away when they play games and watch TV. Unless they have a BIG ASS TV.


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Like we havent told you bots before lol.

@retard below
Hahaha stupid xbot, Natal doesnt track up to 1 cm accuracy for starters. But even if it did, that 1 cm means you cant play driving sims, FPS, TPS, fighting games, RTS games, action games, platformers etc.

Go watch the Ricochet demo and the avatar demo. Natal CANT DO 1:1 tracking, kid. Dont fking kid yourself. Pay close attention to the simple movements the guy in jumpsuit is doing while moving his avatar. ...

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