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"Playability: Don’t bother playing this without a Classic Controller Pro"

It seems that Game Informer reviewer still don't know how to point at something. Considering I decided to play FPS exclusively on the Wii, because of the pointer control, I could not be more out of tune with this reviewer. As a matter of fact, I don't think his opinion is of any value to a Wii owner as he definitely struggle with the most basic features of the console.

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Nathan Fillion would be an excellent choice. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the Studio prefers an actor with more star power.

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Good to know that some famous well established game designers aren't as lazy as most of them are.

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It's definitely not a problem but rather a design decision that will probably fells right to most gamers. However, I have a big problem in playing a historical scenario where you can actually construct new units while marching on the enemy. It is a personal problem of my with most RTS but I can try to overlook it in a more fantastical setting, but I found it harder when playing in a historical one.

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As this is an unbiased comparison, I should be uninformed and Move and Kinect should be able to measure your weight. Else, there is no reason why to include the Wii balance board in the equation.

Unless you assume the table was prepared by Microsoft Spin Doctors to fools users in thinking XBox + Kinect could be actually comparable in price to the Wii.

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The blame is in ourselves, the gamers. Considering how much stable is the sequel sales and how uncertain is the introduction of new IPs, I cannot blame publishers to do sequel after sequel -- although I blame them to do it in a such fast pace that banalize the games or to significantly drop the quality in many cases. We asked for high definition graphics. Now we have it. However, the cost of producing a AAA title increased so much that publishers cannot afford to be original more than often. ...

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I will get Splinter Cell Conviction on Mac. I was very disappointed with the Splinter Cell: Double Agent but Conviction's reviews raised my interest in the series once more.

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Funny how many of the authors confess they weren't paying attention to the conference but they still take the opportunity to write about their impressions. Anyone is entitled to have an opinion. However, to write it down is lame if you're not informed about the subject. If these guys have any hope to be recognized by their public, they should be more professional.

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Couldn't agree more. Mario is not aimed at kids but at gamers of any age.

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I think there are more people complaining than you think. But you have a point, much of what Sony and MS is doing is bringing the PC experience to consoles: graphic centered games, online multiplayer, and, ultimately, a solitary experience.

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"I've heard nothing but excitement surround Kinect and its controller-free technology."

I've heard differently.

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Not to say the thousands of innovations Nintendo brought to hardware, such as a d-pad, analogue controllers, motion controllers, stylus controller, and so on. This guy obviously don't know much about economy or video-games.

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No confirmed spec.

Wait and see what they are cooking.

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While watching Avatar, 3D added sickness to my experience. I was forced to get out of the theatre after about 20 minutes of projecting. Still, for what I could see, it felt more like gimmick than anything else. It is possible I will never be able to check out a 3D movie and enjoy it but I am not sure I am loosing that much. I was told I should focused my sight in the first plane. Perhaps it would make sickness bearable, but it would make the movie less interesting. I like to explore all the c...

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He never said the best teams but rather the best continent. I hope Konami will license more South American teams to better support the Libertadores feature.

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Not enough space to plug the Gamecube controllers.

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Steve Jobs doesn't seems to care much about games. I don't believe Apple will release a console so soon. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple upgrades the Apple TV to stream a game from a Macintosh while relaying the control inputs from a bluetooth controller. In this kind of setup, you could use a controller connected to Apple TV while your Macintosh would do all the processing.

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That would be asking too much.

Forget about being secure or anything you actually care for. They are promising it will be different, which is not the same thing as being good.

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Of course it is different. Without a nunchuck, it is far less flexible than the Wii's controllers. Sony expect the users to use a dualshock with the left hand alone to solve this problem. I expect Sony's customers getting tendinitis by using it this way.

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Nice to see the obvious being stated by someone in the industry.

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