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If you play with cheatcodes enabled the final boss is called divorce, It trys to steal your house.

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you must die alot. I'm on survivor, have over 25 bullets for handgun, 8 shotgun shells, 4 of every agony bolt,2 grenades and a sneak so good solid snake would be proud. There are tons of hidden areas in this game which if you miss, well you ain't going to be getting the brain juice, amo, extras (china statues). All I did for the first 3 chapters was pretty much stealth kill every mofo. Until the village with the chained up dude. Great game imo.

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Milks, stick with it, it gets better. For reals. The old school gameplay is a blast imo. Although in some places the graphics may not be all shiny you have to give credit where its due. I'm currenly on chapter 5, need more brain juice!

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I pre ordered the plus version so I could start gaming at midnight on release but for some reason the three cars that you get for pre ordering won't let me download them. Anyone got any ideas as to why this is?

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I should have put a /s after the pics or it didn't crap. My bad. Lol. Added on PSN anyways mate. When the online is finally working we can do some time trial challenges. Should be good.

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The fact that you say this game is meh has me questioning wether you actually have played it. Pics or it didn't happen. If you got this trophy, like I have then you probably should have mastered the handling of the game which IMO evo studios has nailed. Coupled with the pick up and play nature of the game I can't for the life of me see how this game can be viewed as anything other than a solid base for a new ip to build on. 2 cents*

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I would recommend that if your a plus member that you actually buy it. For the reduced price you get it at this game is a steal. Best racing game I've played in long time. No grinding through single player to get to the good stuff, it just opens up nicely as you progress and the handling of the cars is sublime. They've really nailed the cross over between sim racing and arcade. The visuals speak for themselves. When it's fully up and running without issues this game is a solid 8/ ...

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This game is a breath of fresh air IMO. Pick up and play gameplay, cool content unlocked as you go instead of grinding and when you actually get a feel for the tracks and master the handling this is as good as any other quality racing game. When the online is working its only going to get better. I say this as someone who plays games not consoles and can actually give props to forza. Next: project cars.

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@ Phoenix, not really, I think you have to activate the ps plus sub in your ps4 settings under the subscriptions option. Then if PSN is down your ps plus games still work. Mine do. Every time.

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How do you customise the colours? Every time I've selected a car it just gives a factory paint job or four custom paint jobs.

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As an unbiased gamer of more years than I'd care to mention I can honestly say that apart from the online issues (which will be fixed) this game truly is a quality title. The handling is sublime when you get the hang of it and the visuals? Candy.

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After watching someone stream drive club from their ps4 last night along with 500 other people (lol) for an hour I was sold. Headed over to the PS store and paid up for the PSN version. Game looks like a mix of PGR4 and GT ( The GT bit being the amazing visuals). Who needs reviews when you can actually watch and talk to someone who's got the game early?

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You forgot Diablo 3 and destiny. And as a gamer I would suggest to anyone who's not feeling the game, give it chance, borrow it or rent. I've gamed for over two decades and would have considered my taste mainly single player/ story driven and destiny has me hooked. As far as mechanics go this nails shooting things in the face better than killzone 2. Visceral, satisfying and beautiful to behold and I'm still a fairly low level, the joys of parenting no doubt.

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Another slightly off topic, but some one mentioned patrols above so I'll take my chances. What's the deal with patrols? I did two yesterday (the first one on earth, twice) completed a load of missions but nothing happened. Each time I went back to orbit the vanguard points I had accrued hadn't saved. What am I doing wrong?

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Yes, let's blame the Japanese consumer's prejudice against American products as the reason the xbox brand does so poorly in the marketplace. You only have to look at Apples history in japan to confirm this theory/ s. We all know how much they hate iMacs and the like, it has nothing to do with appreciation of form and excellence of products, plus reputability of the brand. Oh, wait..........

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They have told us what the main objective is in the game. They stated in one of the many info trailers they've released theta the main objective for every player is to get to the centre of the games universe. To do this players will have to mine for elements, build, cheat, trade steal, kill etc. Everyone will have a unique path to follow depending on the choices they make, places they discover. It's like a 21st century elite, and hopefully it's gonna be legendary.

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Yes, it supports up to four player online and local (offline) multiplayer. I just bought the game and I'm looking forward to playing something that's not first/ third person shooter/ stealth/ platform etc. Slowly getting burnt out, I need a quality racing sim or a PGR kind of racer to sink my spare time into. Reality is starting to seep through to my conscience. I need distractions!

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Yoda! Is that really you?

It just goes to show how much of a knife edge it can be developing for the current gen, and it's massive budgets when pushing out AAA games. However the ecology is trying to balance itself out, hence the current boom of indie games. Publishers really need to address the pricing of games IMO, a lot of people will wait a few weeks for the price to drop when every game demands £45 to £55 when new, effectively diminishing the ...

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Don't forget drive club is out on the 7th of October too.
I need a quality current gen racing game in my life, wolfenstein got the fps on lockdown for now. Game is old school good. Reminds me of golden eye on the n64.

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Doom delayed indefinitely? Wtf am I supposed to do with this beta code I got with wolfenstein? Keep it in my wolfenstein credit card holder/ wallet no doubt. O_o

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