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Hideous Quarians and gorgeous Volus.... could it be possible?

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Damn, now I wish I had gotten tickets.

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Trolling? Far from it.
To put it simply, the layout is bad. I know it's not just me that feels this way either. Maybe we are the vast minority, but I've spoken to several other PS3 peeps both in person and online. They don't like the controls... period.
I would love to see keyboard and mouse support on the PS3 for Deus Ex.
Controls on the PC version are great.

Other than that, the game is fantastic.

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Yes, yes they were. If you did outsource parts of the game, in the end it's your fault how your game turns out.

I only had two problems with Deus Ex.
PS3 controls were freaking terrible.
Boss fights.

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True, headsets multi-speaker setups are mostly simulated. And the ones that aren't, the speakers are so close together you don't really know what is what, and where its coming from. Not to mention the software that comes with them is garbage. Plus, most of them don't even work with sound boards. Simulated sound ftl...

A good surround sound setup will be by far, more superior for a long time to come. Especially for an audiophile.

The best sounding ...

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PvP AIDS. Old WoW players will probably remember a time when PvP flags spread like the clap at a hobo-orgy.

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One of the problems I see is B.Net server maintenance. It's understandable with an MMO to have occasional down time, but with a single player game? It's completely unnecessary...

... Not to mention companies with low bandwidth caps on their services packages.

Blizzard could still do a offline single player game without cutting any features, and still give players the option to effortlessly switch in and out of multiplayer(Co-Op/B.Net)

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Agreed. The article is pretty much poop.

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Cool, I guess? But for those of us who weren't a fan of Lost, I hope the devs aren't "too inspired"

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They're definitely not out dated, however strategy games do appeal to a very small group of gamers.

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To me the perfect steak.. ermm game is medium-well...


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What's funny is the sorceress tells you what to do for the first half of the fight. After that it's common sense, just open your eyes people. I wonder if these people are going in prepared or not? There are quests that give you the option to find materials and create some goodies to help deal with the Kayran.

I had more difficulties being swarmed by nekkars in a cave than dealing with the Kayran. To each their own I suppose.

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If only.

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"A quad core and a 4870 graphics card would cost you a little less than your 360 and would milk the game."

But at what settings? That card is barely above the recommended specs. If you want to play the game with medium settings you will probably be fine. But if you want higher settings and a decent res @ at least 30fps you will need a lot more than a 4870.

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I think you meant DX9.

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Talk about creepy.

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Nice build, now go fold. That's about the only thing you can do to actually tax that system. Hell games of today can run maxed on half of that CPU/RAM and half of one of your 4 gpus.

Oh yeah, keep a close eye on your electric bill.. :)

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Liquid cooling is overrated these days. Air has caught up and can keep even the most expensive systems cool if they don't run a serious OC.

The only time liquid is good to have, is when you're gaming or folding for really long sessions, or... you just stopped gaming. Liquid can cool your system down faster at idle, than air can.

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It's simple, really. Delay the game until it's ready. What's the problem?

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