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Yes I'm back, Xbox posted boy and no#1 fan, lol! I wasn't impressed in no way, shape, or form when I first laid eyes on Sea of Thieves. I love my Xbox,but when I read through the Fanboy chronicles which is N4G, not at any point did I get excited when I heard Sea of Thieves rather it was getting bashed, or mentioned in praise. It just always looked like an incomplete, or BLAND game with senseless exploration and no reward system.

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I've been quiet for quite some time but now I'm back and Mr. Xbox has something to say. Let me setup a little experiment real quick to prove something to you little hands Sony addicts, and you colorful, flamboyant, Nintendo kiddies. This is mostly geared towards Sony addicts considering most of the Nintendo games are FAIRLY new. Ok so Personna, TLOU remake, Nier, boodborne (maybe not Bloodborne considering you guys suck at gaming), etc.. are completed, or at least you should have comp...

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Just like PSVR is the technology in gaming that we don't need!

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The reason why the Switch is selling is because of Nintendo's distribution strategy. Less supply raises the prestigue of a product, then when said product is available, ppl tend to snatch it up either out of curiosity, or because they anticipate another drought and want to feel special because they are one of the few who own it. Not saying that Nintendo isn't a good product.... actually it's a horrible product but since it's been around for like FOREVER, it does have games tha...

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@AmstradAmiga when you have FH prowling the video game industry, I don't want you to speak of weak ass DC, and don't dare mention GT!

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@FinalFantasyFanatic you would have gotten the Pro if it came out b4 the PS4? lol!

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I bet a nice size portion of the x1x sales will come from ppl who have an OG PS4 but didn't make the jump to the pro.

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Oh how awesome will those exclusives look on the beast!

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If that's the case then why did the feel the need to make a Pro? They could have rested on their laurels of exclusives.

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@EddieNX you can't go by scores. 3 GTA games got hif her scores than Red Dead and Red Dead is better than all the Zeldas. Heck, I wouldn't doubt if Red Dead was better than Zelda!

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It's not even the best Zelda game. The best game ever made is a toss up between Ms.Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros.

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August was massive?

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He's saying he wishes all his trophies or achievements we're real so he can give all the haters who hates on the Xbox hater awards. Then he's stating that all that hate isn't making the world a better place!

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I don't know why you argue w/thsee clowns. All they do is talk about exclusives , and sales, when in fact on 3.3% of PS4 owners purchased Persona, Nioh, and Nier. I don't understand why people can't just shut up and enjoy their console of choice. Sure PS4 has great exclusives, and. ....and....well....that's it! I love my Xbox; I love the online community, I love the offerings I get from my lI've account, I love the competition, that's just me. Will it be cool to pl...

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@Fiveby9 sorry, MS isn't Nintend!

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Why are you comparing the SNES to the X? I'm curious as to why your doing that.

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@Dark_Knight mare. When you play FH3 it feels like a great "game," I knowe it's a racer but it feels like much more. I know it's it's weird but trust me!

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And now @Wolly gets crucified for owning multiple consoles. " You don't have the right to be an all-around dare you! !" Unbleeping believable!

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I disagree. I was going to get a Pro as well but I'm waiting X. Don't act like you know the psyche of an xbox gamer.

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Didn't you say you was going to get it on PC?

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