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Yet you are one of Microsoft's main cheerleeders, in full support of their acquisitions.

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Microsoft is the one that started buying up multiplat developers, Obsidian, Double Fine, Ninja Theory, then topped it off with a whole Bethesda buyout. And now reaching all the way for Activision.

And you are comparing that to Bungie? Which as far as we know will keep its games multiplat.

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Like Stalker 2, Dead Rising 3 and 4, Titanfall, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Biosohock?

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Very weird numbers, they are not showing half of the revenue.

7-9% Microsoft
3-5% Nintendo?
And the rest might be PC, maybe they don't include it since it's from their own clients.

79% from juat 3 franchises

Candy Crush



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Pretty ignorant comment. There is far more to PC gaming than just competitive games and waiting for Sony's exclusives. Now is probably the best time ever to have PC as a single gaming platform. Console exlusives (real ones, not a bullshit term that Microsoft came up with for their marketing), like Red Dead Redemption, Tekken, Final Fantasy, etc, are almost nonexistent since 8th gen. Plus all Microsoft games are available day one,and some Playstation games are also being ported. There is a...

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I didn't question Abby's motive anywhere in my post. I think you misunderstood something. Are you refering to - "it's her part in the story that driven hate towards her more than an actual character anyway." If yes, I meant that hate of players revolving around Abby is mainly based solely for killing Joel, rather than on her character as a whole. And whether the story was good or not, it was poorly approached, was not well written, and...

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All the pleads for Neil to stay away from The Last of Us are nonsense, he is the main creator and writer, without him there would probably never have been the first game.

But second better than the first one? First was superior in everything aside from technical aspect of the game. Much superior story - plot, writing, characters, also better level design and pacing, that's where I think the departure of Bruce Straley was felt the most. Game was relatively boring until a...

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Just shows how brainwashed you are, go watch CNN and generic Hollywood crap some more, to get your "honest" real world view. No country produces more worldwide propoganda than US.

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I definitely agree, to me Bioshock Infinite is better in every way, gameplay, story, setting. Rapture got repetitive really fast, my favorite part was freeing the sisters, but it was just the same thing over and over and became boring. I don't remember all the story details, but that "crazy" plot twist was pretty cliche, good guy turning out to be bad... "would you kindly" was kinda cool. Imo Infinite's twist was much deeper and better presented. Gameplay is also q...

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Neither is GT.

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Not only selling, but locked behind paywalls.

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You don't have to think, it's all written out for you.

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They showed Dark Souls 3 at MS's conference, and the crowd was dead. I doubt that FromSoftware wants to repeat that.

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It was pretty bad compared to previous years, but it wasn't even half as bad as Microsoft's show.

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@Goldby Maybe ones COD and Battlefield bring battle royal to their games, there will be a worthwhile game to play it in.

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Yes, but prior to GTA V's release Rockstar has been releasing at least one game each year. Now, for the past 5 years all we had is GTA V.

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Over 3 million, I'd say.

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I don't understand what's so special about that trailer, to me the final release of Killzone 2 looks much better.

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Edge is not a real threat to its meta score, Tom Chick from Quarter to Three is. If he lays his hands on it, then it's almost guaranteed to fall down to 94.

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I played NG Sigma 2, I don't know if it's any different in terms of difficulty from NG 2, but to me it was much easier than the first one.

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