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Always. We(my best mate and I) are never concerned with failing. As a matter of fact we usually crack up when we die.

The only time I get agitated is when he snatches up all of the GOTdamn loot whilst I'm otherwise preoccupied fighting off the baddies.

Which reminds me.... Borderlands 2 is almost here, yo.

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1. That isn't proper use of the word irony.

2. No. That is, in fact, NOT the same thing. Are you stupid? Rhetorical question because you obviously are. Me telling that slime off for being slime is NOT the same as him being a punk towards somebody for politely sharing his opinion.

Go back to/stay in school.

From now on you will not speak unless spoken to.

Good boy.

P.s. Your grammar makes my stomach queas...

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I think that "quip" is being rather generous, personally.

I think it's a really lazy attempt at being clever.

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I doubt it.


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So you're a leech.

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Would you say he's a moron, or that you share a difference of opinion?

YOU are a moron.

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God you are foolish.

Your opinion isn't right. His opinion isn't right. It's all subjective.

Though I always get a good laugh when punks like you slither out from the gutter and "correct" somebody's opinion.

You = slime

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Very mature.

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Do you really not understand how credits work?

Educate yourself man.

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I thought you people liked milk?

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*awkward pause*


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You clearly didn't read the article.

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It kind of is...


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I thought something very similar.

Take Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater(my first and personal favorite) for example.

In the jungle, as you aptly said, a bit open though mainly linear.

You go throughout the entire game basically going from door one to door two, knowing that on either side of the door/loading times that you are safe from enemies.

Now, you take out those loading times and replace them with a seamless world. Never...

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I'm glad that at *least SOME people have played Peacewalker and know that the co-op didn't affect the game in the slightest.

That being said.... there is no way on God's green Earth that I would consider playing this game co-op until I have beaten it solo.

I really don't think Kojima is a fool. He isn't going to make Metal Gears of War.

Let it be known that if I am incorrect and this is a bastardized Mgs that 'twas Mob...

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Who do you voodoo?

Lmao I played through the game as that guy. I love the, for lack of a better term, curb stomp move he had.

Anyway, when the credits came around I was really embarrassed. As if I was somehow to blame for that God-awful song.

Edit: Some context.

When my roommate and I played Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light, I played as the guardian and he called me Took-took(which isn't his actual name) for about a ...

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Lol believe me, I know.

They were out of my Milwaukee's best ice. Which, admittedly, is almost equally as disgusting.


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Thank you!

I'll take the Monroe/Bettie Page build ANY day of the week.

Imo that's how a woman should be built.

I mean if we are talking about the "perfect" woman.

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You changed Tommy.... It seems you may have switched back to white.

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Unnecessary question marks ?

Annoying ?

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