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the best fps player using a controller will never be able to be better than a mediocre player using mouse&keyboard.

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Donnieboi, you must be pretty insecure about your opinion if all you care is how it affect you when peoples disagree with you, now its not because you do a wall of text that its necessarly mean your arguments are more valid than others, after all a fart can move a lot of air.....even if it smell like shit.

now let see what sony will do with his controller instead of playing the armchair buisness man and acting like the ultimate gaming virtue.

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already own it on steam, will also get the vita version, its just too well suited for that handheld.

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even if MS is "owning" the U.S, and ..even if they had a FULL YEAR ahead of sony, the ps3 is still owning "worldwide" right now.

seeing sony being first this time, ....the "next gen" will be pretty interesting to see them both on the starting line.

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Eddard Stark: "Kaz is coming!"

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i want it inside me.

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Vanquish is really short, but holy shit its awesome.

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a 32gb is mandatory for the console, imo
(stil waiting for a 64gb since my 32gb, and two 8gb are already full.)

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and the first thing he said was: "hope brain no damage."

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f that, im waiting at least 1 more year before upgrading my msi gtx580 lightning.

the prices will drop and i will be happy.

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Eddard Stark: "PS4 Is Coming!"

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"They made Halo and revolutionized the FPS genre"

well, yeah....if you never owned a gaming pc.

anyway, no pc version and no ps4? sry but the small glimpse of hype i had for it just vanished away.

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ni no mila kunis is still in the top 10!

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buy it, you jerkbag.

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no sticks and a giant fugly d-pad?

oh yeah, ....that look sooo real....

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i wonder if hes gonna fall in the same old sensationalism again only to piss off peoples, because you know, NNK is in fact a good game.....and i guess its "cool" to hate on good things.?

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as long it does the job, its perfectly fine.

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isnt Bungie supposed to be released from the slavery contract Microsoft had?

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Teltales made The Walking game(awesome) then they made Jurasic Park(shit game)

see the patern?

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its not like if it wasnt possible to archive everything on your pc instead of deleting it.

content manager assistant......USE IT.

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