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There are a couple things you have to take into account: most early adapters don't get to play those games that may have come out at the end of the last gen life cycle. So, the remastered games might not be for you, they may be for that segment of the community who upgraded and never got to play and enjoy them. In other circumstances games with devout cult followings (Halo, God Of War, Gears of War), those fans like collection editions because it puts all (or most) of their favorite conte...

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Problem is, its not an exclusive. Its timed. It will be on Xbox One later.

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Yes, on par. Twitch or Youtube HD vids of both games in actual races from the driver's perspective or better yet, play both games and you will see that the graphics are on par.

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The graphics are on par with Forza, but the gameplay is weak, the vehicle offerings are laughable and the online features appear to be broken. Maybe patches will give the game a little redemption.

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This story has already been debunked. Just more fanboy lies and bullshit.

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Old, outdated information.Much of which is now incorrect.

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Adam Sessler (Rev3) gave it a 3/5....aka 6/10.

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So Game Informer loves Knack...but every other site hates it...
And every other site has positive previews of Ryse...and Game Informer hates it...how exactly does that work Game Informer?

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No bueno

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You do understand this game is native 1080p on both systems? Microsoft is correct, gameplay is the most important factor. Graphics are icing on the cake. Sony is now set to focus on indie titles (which Microsoft has been doing since 2005), and most of those indie titles will end up being 480p...so I guess 1080p isn't that huge after all.

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In the past, Polygon has tended to skew in Sony's favor (still do, as they gave the Rachet & Clank...Nexus an 8.5 while most other reviewers gave it an 8 or lower.) They aren't the first or only media source to say the XB1 version had a smoother framerate, making for a better experience. IGN said the same in their review and they are camp Sony over there.

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Its not a rumor. @jeffrubenstein confirmed it via Twitter.

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Most of the reviews I've seen for both games on XB1 are giving them 8/10 - 9/10 respectively......hmmmmm. But I should believe this guy because he said "xbone". That makes him credible s/

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More and more this will happen. Eventually games will all be dowload only. That also means lower prices and more choices.

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This is a Non-issue. Disc 1 clearly says install. Disc 2 clearly says Play. Its written on the frickin discs. Its not rocket science.

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Its inevitable. Game systems will be always online and high speed internet connections will be mandatory. That is the future of gaming. Multiplayers, MMOs & constantly evolving open world games with real weather/time cycles. Games and systems will always be updating in the background and devs will have more control over their creations. I, for one, am excited about the possibilities.

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All this talk of preorders is silly. There's no guarantee people who preorder by putting $5 down will even pay for the system, or that they won't flip-flop from system to system. Sales are final when purchases are complete, goods exchange hands and no money is owed. Until then its just floral farts & fairy dust for fanboys on each side to sniff & swallow.

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Twitch must be a generational thing. I'm not paying $400-$500 on a console to watch someone else play a game. There's no entertainment value in that for me. I tried watching and was bored to death with it.

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