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A good one. B)

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Well guys, you know, I can still import my games and Boogeymen.

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If that is the definition of nerd, then I just turned to one of the cool kids in high school.

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Both, duhh.

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These people are LATE TO THE PARTY, wohoo~ !

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Cool, this would actually be fun. I played the game at my buddies PC and it's pretty awesome.

Gotta support these people.

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Well, I'd like Dom chainsawing through Bakara.

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Hm, if you can teabag someone mid-air and make a combo out of it it would be first of all, pretty disturbing and then secondly be something that never happened before.

Worth talking about.

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Dude, everybody has hard times, they are there just to get better next time.

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Exactly, nobody is holding anyone back. Why are they waiting for the Consoles?

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Dang, you nailed it. :D

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Duhhh, Of course it's gonna be on 360 with Kinect.

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Obviously used for the Online Mode since it was only activated this week.

People should reconsider this.

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How can a car go into a total brake state when it hits grass?

Ohh Forza 3 is soo realistic, right?

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1 - 2 out of 10 = Very bad
2 - 4 out of 10 = Bad
5 - 6 out of 10 = Okay
7 - 8 out of 10 = Good
9 - 10 out of 10 = Very Good

You people are too biased by the media.

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Friggen Multiplatform Release plx!

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You are named after a drawn guy combined with girl, so in the end you are a transvestite, how much credit can I give on your opinion?

Not a slightest bit of credit.

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You are named after a Pokémon, how much credit can I give on your opinion?

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In Black Ops you kill Nazis, Vietcongs, Russians, Cubans and Britishs. Every of them were enemies of the Americans, how cheap can a game get in this department?

Well Treyarch had their fair amount of Japanese to kill in World At War thats why they were cutted in this game, prolly.

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