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And this is what will continue to happen as more games with depth and actual development time continue to find their way onto the app store.

People are crazy of they think devs and publishers are going to sell their games that cost them large sums of money to make for 99 cents just because it's the app store.

More power to you siliconera

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If the iPad is the future of gaming count me out.

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Ha, man you couldn't be more spot on about that homework bit.

My little brother gets a packet every friday thats due the following thursday. He usually procrastinates and does the majority wednesday night. This week the entire packet was done on friday lol, he really didn't want that Vita getting taken away.

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Yes it's great that I can still play this on my 3DS but the 3DS screen is small enough as is, playing DS games in it, just makes it feel even smaller.

Once a real 3DS made Pokemon game is released I'll be all over it. For Black and White 2, I'll take the wait and see approach.

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So dumb that this is for DS and not 3DS. Whatever, I might buy it if there is enough new to keep m interested.

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I'll be ready for the PS4 whenever Sony wants to give it to us. With all the Vita stuff and PS3 stuff I'm buying this year I sort of appreciate the wait.

Launch in 2013 once the Vita has settled and the list of PS3 releases isn't so long.

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Definitely worth the buy man. What games are you grabbing? I HIGHLY suggest Rayman Origins if you want to see how amazing bright colors look on the Vita.

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We've been hearing that this game is to be announced "next month/week/tomorrow" for almost a year now (since black/white released) and still nothing.

That being said I hope it does get announced. Just picked up a 3DS with the release of Tales of the Abyss so I'd snap up Pokemon as well. Assuming there's enough differences between Grey and Black/White.

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i have to disagree KeyBlade Master. Rayman Origins colors really pop off the screen! The game is freakin gorgeous!

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If the Vita is too expensive, doesn't have any games you want and you're willing to wait a year or so for a price cut then why even consider buying it right now? o.O

Seems like you've already made up your mind that it's not for you.

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that's actually a really good ad. They chose a specific feature and informed consumers on what they'll be able to do with that feature. The "Never Stop Playing" slogan is pretty good too!

A HUGE step up from the crying baby ads we got for the PS3.

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sadly no one around me has the 32GB card in yet. I have all of my launch stuff with the exeption of the 32GB card, Rayman Origins and Dynasty Warriors Next. I'll probably have to wait until next week for to finish it all off.

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To anyone with a Vita already the games will indeed transfer over to a US account! Time to nab escape plan! I'm so excited! Ahhhhhh!

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Okay, I'll be hopping on PSN within the hour to search for escape plan. The only issue is will we be able to transfer them over? So far I've had no luck transferring US PSP titles to my Vita since they're not available yet. Would be pointless to download now, only to not be able to transfer them over.

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Uncharted: Golden Abyss is awesome! If you liked the console versions, you'll like this one. It plays just as well and looks damn good (though not quite as good as the PS3 games). If you weren't a fan of the console games this won't do much to sway you but for anyone that wants another awesome adventure with Drake, then Golden Abyss will be perfect for you.

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did you just walk up to the register and ask for the games, or did you have to have them check their email? I just left GameStop so I won't go back tonight, but I'll go back tomorrow when I get out of class. I already have my Vita but I'm desperate for more games since I only have Uncharted lol

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I asked my local GameStop and they said no. I picked up some accessories though.

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I thought it was actually pretty damn good. I mean, yes the actors aren't the greatest, but overall I was entertained enough. Still hope we see a real hollywood version of uncharted though.

this was good though, would have been cool if they threw in Sully, Elena or Chloe

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The Vita's battery life is not an issue. In the 3 weeks that I've had my Vita it has yet to die on me. Vita is most certainly worth the purchase. I only own Golden Abyss at the moment but 3 weeks later I'm still playing the same game and can't get enough. Really can't wait for the US launch though where il pick up about six more games! Feb 15th needs to hurry the heck up!

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this should come as no surprise to anyone as nintendo already stated this ages ago, and nintendo is known for being cheap. they save on the console by not including little things like dvd playback, thus having the ability to sell the console for less.

I doubt anyone who was actually considering to buy the Wii U will end up not buying one because it doesn't play dvds. It does suck that nintendo won't include it but its definitely not a deal breaker for those who are a...

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