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Yep Phony playing games alright. Shame they can't provide games for their customers to play.

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I don't care if the consoles getting banned are Xbox or Playstation.

If you're gonna cheat you deserve to get binned. Chuffing hate these people who ruin the game for everyone else, or those cheeky gits who play on dodgy consoles.

Ban 'em. Ban 'em all!

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Might just pick one up if this is true.

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How is this article allowed?

I got banned for 2 days for swearing a while back. Yet this gets allowed! And I even put characters instead of some letters :-)

One rule for some and different for others!

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Well to put this into perspective.

Way, way back in 1994 I had just started uni. I blew my entire student loan on a pc. Back when a 486 cost an absolute fortune.

All of this just to play one game. Doom.

So it does happen. I know it happens a lot. Many of my friends bought an Amiga back in the 80's after playing Batman on mine. They were around £400 a pop at the time.

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"It's not worth buying a new console or pc just to play it"?

And yet you give it 5/5.

Are you for real?
You rate a game that highly then of course its worth buying a new machine to play it on. Are you saying, only buy it if you have an XB1,360 or pc? Stupid conclusion.

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You want to try trusting your eyes.

Sony streaming games is not the same as using the cloud to affect a game in progress.

P.S. Talk to yourself, as you can't, or won't, accept that MS was not talking out of their butt.

Bye, bye.

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Amazingly low number of posts even though its a new article.

Months back, an article like this would have lit up like a Christmas tree, point blank stating MS cannot do graphical intense work via the cloud.

Well, once again evidence shows otherwise.
I'm fully expecting many, many disagrees from those exact same people ;-)

Good day.

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@Metallox. Would love to oblige but can't find a knife sharp enough ;-)

@lets_go_gunners. That's so true. The majority of pc gamers don't have top end machines, but they can still play most games at decent levels too.

@kiz2694. I've had this machine for nearly two years now. Back then memory was silly cheap. I'm sure I paid around £80 for 16GB. I've even set aside 4GB as a ram cache to speed up the machine's responsiveness. ...

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I hope the specs are really being pushed finally on pc.
Looks like the PS4 and XB1 will bring a big jump in my pc games too. Nice.

I've 16GB of ram, so the 6GB they're saying is no bother ;-)

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The always online as they wanted it run, required the checking in with MS every 24 hours, not being always online. For what they were trying to do with digital sharing, I fully understand this need to counter any piracy.

Kinect being necessary is to make developers know they have the same system to work with and produce experiences that you will NEVER see on PS4.

Power difference you say. I have yet to see a better console game than Ry...

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Hold on there pal.
Forced to tell the truth. They didn't lie!
They told us what was going to happen with XB1 at the reveal and then loads of people complained. I not being one of them!

So he's acknowledged that the direction they wanted to take wasn't what many consumers wanted. He's acknowledged that MS message was very confusing and people, quite rightly, got uptight and didn't like what they were hearing.

So he has apolo...

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If Maria posts it then it must be true ;-)

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I'm not too far behind him myself.
Only 972150 GS and I'm there ;-)

But seriously. How many games has this dude had to play?
That is some real dedication to the cause right there.

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Will I win the lottery?

Maybe. However, its highly unlikely.

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BS article. Being leader doesn't constitute a win.

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Yep both it is. If you have the option to buy both games, and both are the t!ts, why wouldn't you get both?

Looking forward to getting online with Titanfall, although I'm going pc route for the moment.

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@ Master-H

What a stupid comment. Can I make a better looking game? Of course not. However I can certainly make a judgement based on what I see.

And they still both look crap.
Get over yourself.

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Yeah you are correct.
Looks sh!t on both.

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Looks ok, but at least it will conduct away the heat better than the plastic will. Gotta be hot as hell inside there ;-)

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