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They will probably come out with a 4g version on a different plan 1 year later.

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God that was corny.

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Its a 2 hour game, don't bother. Just rent it.

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Uncharted 2 uses MSAA and is easily the best looking game on consoles, suck it.

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Haha wtf, the Alice ad on the page looks like a penis on the left.

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Marston didn't cheat on his wife.

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Why the fuck do you have to comment on insignificant things like that Kaveti.

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Tell that to EDGE. They have a certain bias all right.

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Funny how you wasted your last bubble.

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IGN is payed to endorse Kinect, end of story.

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Bias reviewers will continue to pull shit against PS3 exclusives. I'm sick of people calling it a conspiracy when there is plenty of proof out there. MS has a history of doing shady bullshit like this in attempts to monopolize markets. The sad thing is that these reviewers are probably just fanboys too.

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I got Flower for 10$ and GTA4 for 60$. It makes sense to review the games differently. But Eden is a full-priced game with little replayability.

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No, with Move controls which are much more accurate than either Wii or Kinect.

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So you don't see whats wrong with holding Sony exclusives to much higher standards than other games?

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Yeah, Halo wasn't innovative at all. I don't know what they're talking about.

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These sites consistently give 360 exclusives and delayed exclusives much higher scores.

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I will just use my Verizon phone as a 3g wi-fi hub with the 250 PSV.

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Sure why not give this full priced, on-rails, short-ass game with no replayability a higher score than Infamous 2. I am done with the media.

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They are still making a fully fledged Ape Escape besides this mini-game collection so I don't really care.

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Kotaku are so full of shit that they are actually defending Kinect.

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