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So much filler in that list. There are 3 true 'blockbuster' games there.

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of course because there's no restrictions!

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Allowing DS3 would save a lot of people a lot of money. Money is tight for many and a lot of gamers have DS3 controllers already. Letting them use them for PS4 would only be fair.

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Its an interesting article. The whole Square Enix announcement of an announcement added to the oddness of the event too.

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Trailer was amazing I can't wait for this.

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So tempted to buy one right now

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This is pathetic.

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Yeah it is an awesome game!

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I think it looks good.

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It's just so awesome.

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I also sold it after I completed it. I will have to find another copy somewhere to play this amazing DLC!

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Kinectimals- 74%
Kinect Adventures- 61%
Kinect Sports- 72%
Fitness Evolved- 73%
Dance Central- 82%
(metacritic scores)

So there's only one game worth getting...

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lol. I love playing driving games when I can't control where I'm going. Its just so much fun.

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Dude im pretty sure this is a lie that its selling out. Go anywhere in London and you will find it in stock, its currently no.22 on the best seller list on (big online store in the UK) - move controller is no. 15. ITS ALL BULL TO GAIN MORE INTEREST.

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Best online site for games imo. It seems Microsoft is just trying to spark more interest by claiming its 'sold out everywhere'

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Is this site serious or did they just forget to add '/s' for sarcasm at the end?

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Who is actually buying Kinect? The press is saying its sold out everywhere but I haven't actually seen anything about it here in the UK, no signs or promotions in any of the high street stores near me(unlike the Wii which had a lot more advertisement by retailers at launch). I am skeptical that it is selling as well as Microsoft is trying to make out, the kinect sensor is currently 114 in the PC and Video Games bestsellers rank on Amazon UK. At the moment it doesn't seem like its sell...

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It actually sounds awesome. Nice prices too.

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Haha it looks brutal. 'Yay I killed an innocent family pet!'

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