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Next year for sure. They want a good 5-6 years outta the psp.

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Kevin Butler is da bomb!

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So Pumped! Go Jaffe!

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PS Move looks solid!

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Nintendo killed it, MS take notes...

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Have they not seen how bad the delay on the thing is? Watching that black chick workout was painful...

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Sorry but I'm not buying a title that has done nothing to upgrade from the previous years...Sports titles I might buy every other year but I'm not dishing out $60 each year for new rosters.

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Easy show games...then people will want to buy the PS3 and they won't have to give it away! Wow that seems hard.

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High Quality? I mean I got nothing against MS or a 360 but it's just easy to see that this conference honestly sucked.

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No one cares...move along...

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I just gotta ask, MS what the hell are you doing?

You jumped out to a major lead over Sony, and now you just keep dropping the ball. Congrats.

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Hahaha, your kidding right?

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Worst Conference Ever?!

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Yea for the Apple islate :D

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I see no chance of gamestop offering anytype of deal like this, but this is awesome for gamers...We got Best Buy doing the buy 2 get 1 free (repped) and now amazon offering $40 videogame gift card once you buy $80 worth of videogames...Plus we got Wal-Mart and Amazon battling it out for COD:MW 2 Pre-Orders...Gamers win everywhere...and with so many great titles coming out this time of the year, you couldn't ask for better! Keep it up retailers!

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We haven't even made it to the fall yet...

What happened to 2009? Nothing happened, a few games got delayed, we still got a lot of great titles and there is still a lot yet to come...

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Oh VGchartz is reporting it must be true then, laf...

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No Sh!t...His headlines are always a joke...

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What hasn't been a slow month for Wii latly?

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Yea it bad the damn guy missed, I would have LOVED to see that SOB get hit with a shoe to the face...

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