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So how did you come up with such statistics? I'd prefer it if you shut the fuck up.

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Really? how so?

I don't remember I saw much at Sony conference, must of games were dull and for wankers.

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Are you crazy, if you don't buy PS4 then you're consider animal, there is no right or wrong.
PS4 is out religion and life.

-Typical N4Ger

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You guys here are incredibly retarded and hypocrites.

It also seems most of you failed high school, percentage means nothing without the actual Nintendo Wii U sales prior the spike in Amazon or at least in UK.

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I tried several of my accounts, none of them there, its fake.

Edit: Why the fuck are they all @yahoo?

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Because you can share game with steam, right?

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I liked Kinect sport for few hrs, But I'd take a non-Kinect game over it anytime like Banjo Kazooie which I enjoyed for ~30hrs.

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The reason he said that, because what Microsoft showed can be seen as cool stuffs in an American eye and that Microsoft could potentially sells a lot because of that and since the US is the biggest market.

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Get a life, seriously.

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and that's gentlemen, why I think politicians are animals.

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It's not like Sony own 4k or anything... stupid article, its being developed by Samsung/LG/tosh..etc

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He is expressing his opinion...

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there is only 1 generation behind, you can't predict what's going to happen to 360 besued on past records.

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Go fuck yourself

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18 months means before february 2014.

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Good thing I didn't buy it!

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Nobody is interested in reading this wall of texts.

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Little Big Planet? LOL

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Bnajo kazooie N&B, is an awsome game along with Viva Pinata, go to hell.

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I want more games like banjo and viva pinata

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