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I'm still trying to figure out how they keep saying this deal is good for gamers when it gives Microsoft the ability to yank access away from the largest playerbase of said games.

You all just want COD for $1 that's all this shit boils down to.

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Day one on gamepass is the new crossgen.

Both effect the quality of the game.

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Lmao, like over 60% of xboxs sold are the series S. It's too late to try to get around that, the X will always live in the shadow of the gampass machine.

Microsoft shot themselves in the foot at every intersection this generation, I'm sorry man.

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Sounds like Microsoft got their corporate culture from North Korea, everyone is a yes man, and dear leader is always right, or you face the firing squad.

This company was supposed to "save" Activision, lmao.

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Lmao, did I just hear that right?? Guilty spark says Microsoft doesn't need to create good games because that market is "over saturated "

That's the funniest shit I've heard this week. That's some massive cope.

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Exactly, this is Microsoft, they are only interested in creating monopolies, look at what Windows has done. It's a bare minimum effort on new releases, once a decade. If you're a gamer you have zero options, it's Windows or nothing.

And with windows 11 they found a way to fleece even more people out of money, with the hardware security requirements, they are not allowing older PCs to officially migrate to 11. It's all about control.

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Microsoft is out there negotiating in bad faith when they keep promising stuff from a company they don't own...

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You got that wrong, Activision can still sell if they absolutely needed to, it just matters who the buyer is. These laws and oversight exists due to companies trying to form Monopolies. 1 single company can't buy up everything in sight. Especially in a specific market.

If Microsoft wanted to start making TVs like Sony does, no court would stop them from buying a juggernaut in the TV industry. Since they have no presence, and thus competition fairness doesn't a...

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The ps5 version died for this...

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Dear Microsoft, you've had 20 years to make your own games, stop trying to steal them from everyone else.

Block this deal already.

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Exactly Microsoft owns a ton of IPs and does nothing with them. These games are going to their grave just like EA did.

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Going to love your tears when this deal falls through, and the Microsoft board of directors pulls the plug on the entire Xbox division because it hasn't made a single cent of profit in its 20 year existence.

The desperation tells the entire story.

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We all do game like Microsoft doesn't exist. Because there games literally don't exist.

Microsoft didn't like that, so they looked at games that sell really well on playstation and decided to buy and take them away from playstation gamers

It's impossible to ignore this pest any longer. Your just shocked they aren't getting the praise you expected. There's nothing to praise they are just trying to buy out the industry. Not 1 game a...

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Numerous other games are in the Activision portfolio you know, all of which are effected. The blizzard stuff has been getting fantastic console ports and will likely be yanked from playstation if this deal goes through.

After the Bethesda deal I don't trust Microsoft at all. They 100% are willing to gut a franchises playerbase to lash out against sony.

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Then don't comment, it doesn't effect you.

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Stop crying? Go to hell. I've already lost future access to elderscrolls and fallout, and now I'm going to lose future access to call of duty, everything else Activision owns, also blizzard games which I've recently starting playing on console since my PC is old.

These deals are royally fucking me over. I'm not rewarding Ms a console purchase after this bullshit. So I'm forced to build a new PC. I really just prefer to play from my couch. I cant s...

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Yep and the xbox fan base royally screwed Microsoft for the rest of the gen by stacking $1 subs to gamepass and 60% of them buying the cheapest console.

Microsoft will never ever turn a profit because they've corned themselves with the cheapskate market. There all hoping to get COD for 1$.

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Exclusively for Microsoft phones I'm sure.

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What he's saying is Microsoft should just become what they so desperately want to be. A third party publisher who offers a subscription system. Drop the Xbox console. And sell your services, games, ect to playstation, Nintendo and PC gamers. Become a neutral 3rd party and rake in the money, then nobody would object to Microsoft buying up everything tencent style.

As long as Microsofts goal is to screw playstation gamers, then buying entire publishers should be a ...

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