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on the big picture whats going on with her neck?

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is anyone else having a problem with saving their game? it keeps saying on mine autosaving please wait...

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Probably a Timed exclusive, Its rare that Microsoft has actual exclusives anymore

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me please

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looks good please i want one

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At least the leaders of insomniac didnt blindside us by going on stage of E3 and announce they are going multiplat while announcing a new game for the 360. At least the suprise is out of the way now.

Its getting to the point now that we should now that most studios will have to go multiplat to stay alive. You cant flame a business for trying to stay alive.

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anyone else notice the dollar amount, at least the guy has a sence of humor behind that fat wallet

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they decide to take a chip out to cut down on price which could impact the lag and essentially make it faulty hardware. Seems like M$ did something like this before at the launch of something... which then resulted in a 1 billion dollar hit due to extended warranty.

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Im a Sony Fanboy and even I say that NATAL has more innovation than the wii ever will, plus the wii was not innovative, years before even on the PS1 they had motion sensor.

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your goona sit and tell me CODMW: Reflex was better than CODMW for the PS3 and 360? if so, you know nothing of videogames, have fun being in the 2% minority of N4G users that are fanboys of Nintendo.

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why did someone disagree with cheese.

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you have way too much time on ure hands to defend something that clearly cannot be defended. Being a owner of both consoles its sad too see someone as big a fanboy as you trying to defend dvd 9 even saying it is better in some cases.
Your arguement is one of saying 480 is better than 1080.
Im going to have to do this and its rare I do. /facepalm

you deserve it, take a walk outside

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I was goona /facepalm too after reading some of the above, thankyou lol

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its a good game, I have it for the PC and its great fun, I would just rather have it on the PS3, if you had the chance would you not want to play KZ2, Uncharted 2 or GOW3 on the 360?

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whats the 2.5 mean, I get the dog of war part but the 2.5 does not make sence,

Also you said GTpoor, which doesnt fit GTfive well at all unless you meant GTfour, but I would think a gamer as smart as yourself would know the difference between 4 and 5 right?

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Eye Pet, Heavy Rain, MAG, GOW3, The Last Guardian, Modnation racers, Quantum Theory, White Knight chronicles, Agent, GT5

yeah us Ps3 fans should probably start crying now

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the 360 fanboys are all over this one, I think we have gotten to that point where the PS3 is starting to surpase the 360 in terms of fan base. It used to be semi rare to see 360 fans come onto the chat and bash PS3. Looking as if the tide has turned 360 fanboys are starting to get desperate

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did anyone else read, "the game caps out at 9 v 9" uhh whats that all about, from what I remember we had alot more than that on the pc version

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I think if reviewers played the online for GOW2 we would have way diff review average

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Gran Turismo, God of war I II soon to be III, uncharted Drakes Fortune, RFOM, Almost all the Final Fantasy, MGS series

I could easily go on for days but i think ive proved my point and wasted enough time on a person like you

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