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dude, thats the point! no one has played it!!! and if the product worked so good then why would MS only do scripted preformances? its the equalivant of a singer lip syncing their own songs in a concert.

why does it happen? cuz it doesnt work!!

i mean would u show videos of people pretending they play COD? no so why this?

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u cant be serious??? lol no wonder u never found out u were really an alien

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the game controls you!!!! there is a lil bit of lag between the signal the camera sends to your brain and your body actually preforming these moves but cant u see? MS has made a mind control device! soon everyone who tries this will pay 500$ a month for live and will be the controller for the kinect to play its games!

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lol.Wicko u platinumed it? i will admit i couldnt dare play it that long now lol.

it was good, coulda been better but wasnt, cuda had more limit breaks, coulda not killed off that sexy chick randomly, but still solid.

i mean I guess switching the classes constantly cud bother some, but *shrugs.

at Abel

and hahah tidus crying when he finds yuna is sorta funny cuz she doesnt even break a tear....that sissy pants.

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no game thus far looks "next gen" on the wii.....in order to do that it would have to actually be HD.

now it doesnt look bad.....but some ps2 games look better (valkyrie profile 2, xenosaga 3 etc)

only game pushing the wii so far is Last story....thats a pretty game for a wii game

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WTF i dont care about this portable crap!! its been 4-5 yrs since doa4 and all we've been getting is volleyball games. Where the F! is my doa5!!!

my gf is gonna shoot someone if they wait till next gen to release it

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Oh no i didnt mean like the premium themes, but wait, yes you can, you can make it so the wallpapers change them selves every few seconds, ive done it and have plenty of themes that do that.

only thing we cant make is a dynamic them.....that would be awesome.....except for the guys with porn dynamic themes....that would be odd......

and to Delbert grady

the interface works like crap on psn or xbox? cuz i think both work good. In my opinion ...

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it was the worst ff? really? probably never played ffx-2. it could be ur least favorite ff but doesnt mean its the same for everyone. i know someone that thinks its their fav ff ever.

personally ff9 and 12 were my least favs, 12 complimented you for figuring out how to put the controller down and fight a boss for 6 hours without doing anything your self (gambit system)

ff13 was fun, i doont care if it was linear the first 30 hours, story was consistent a...

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you get what you pay for.........wait no you dont.

I could get a theme like this on my ps3 for free, I could have it change multiple wallpapers by itself, change the icons, add sounds, change the internet browser cursor, all for free. and yes you can make your own themes

yet u guys pay and cant even get a preview......ack, that and they hiked the price 10 bucks....o well, i still have my old ninja blade theme on mine lol

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awesome, took forever but didnt expect the sengoku and quantum theory demo's!

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just because it wasnt the best FF doesnt mean it was the worst game ever. still gorgeous (on ps3 atleast) still fun, and still interesting. and plz dont say the just mash auto attack bull because thats how most normal battles are in all FF's. u just hit attack till they died unless it was a boss. same for ff13, u cudnt go auto on bosses because u wud die.

u people who say that obviously never played the game

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IF ffv13 was on the 360 imagine how bad the port wud b. ff13 was trash on 360, so if versus has better combat, open world map, better graphics, towns then 360 version wud be 480p and 10 disc long

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i dunno how everyone can play cod so long....full of campers, glitches, glitchers, cheaters, unbalances and lag.....ewww.....i only play it offline with my bros so i dont have to deal with 5 guys allowing themselves to be killed so their friend can get a nuke.....i hate that crap

and for the sake of COD no one buys the amazing singleplayer games like bayonetta, ninja gaiden, heavy rain, etc......what tools they are

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Lmao at heavy rain not having replay value with so many endings and different ways to play it.

anyway, while those games may not have multiplayer to keep it going the cost are put else where, scale, budget, narrative, animation etc. and we all know that everyone loved single player games equally before this online stuff happened on consoles.

singleplayers always no matter what have the best stories. those are the best games and ones that stick with me. a...

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dude, ur entitled to ur opinion. u are, really. but to say that ps3 games focus on offline just because they have some actually good single player games doesnt mean thats its offline only, lmao

LBP, Lbp2, uncharted 2 multiplayer, mag, warhawk, (soon to be GT5) White knight, demon's souls, resistance and more are excellenet online games that are exclusive to the ps3. not to mention people play fighting games and cod obviously

to me xbox live was made aroun...

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xbox fans are fools. they will probably pay 100$ if MS said so. and all they would say is "I'd rather pay for a better service, even if it ruins my rectum"

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the hardcore xbox fanboys wont understand, all they see is that giving up more money makes MS even happier and if their master is happy so are they.

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and hey, Wrpgs have cliches too. No parents, no siblings, no bathrooms, unopened treasure chest everywhere! (jrpgs do this too duh) dungeons with no other explorers, You are one of the only explorers, theres always an academy/guild of some sort for you to join, and everyone is butt Fugly!

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lol. while they are true for alot fo them their are still alot of great ones with amazing and unique stories.

Valkyrie profile, xenogears and xenosaga are great examples :)

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is cross game chat that fun that u must go over someones house to use it???? i tried using it and especially during halo its useless if ur doing anything with teams because u cant hear ur team mates so wtf is the point?

only point for cross game chat i see is if 2 people are playing a game like oblivion or final fantasy, otherwise........useless????

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