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wtf crack is this guy smokin? probably the same stuff dante has been

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its the least ninja theory could do after showing that garbage they call DMC.....*goes to check for download*

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whats wrong with unmasked? again i say it. did u even play dead or alive????? well theres 4 of them and all of them u can see his face. His face has been seen for about 10 years or more. so why is this bad??

all the enemies know who he is, its not like its a stealth game so who cares lol. not like he's gonna look drastically different like dante.

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the westernized part of the game is that instead of devil mode it goes into FPS mode, exploding barrels and all......Ohhhhhhh this game sux

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yeah well atleast this game makes up for the Hyper Epc Omega fail that is dmc5 :)

tho i want doa5 already this is goood too.

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um, u never played dead or alive have u? honestly i think it's wierder they cover his face.

i mean its not like they dont know who he is.

he's mutha F'in Ryu Hayabusa

so removed mask is fine.....tho kasumi better be in it


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well as far as final mix's not coming out in america, im used to it already. same with kh1 and 2 so ofcourse this lol

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how u suck....u even rush disc production........my copy of reach better not do this...

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why reboot the awesome series? why i think they are because they messed up on 2 and they dont want to keep making prequels to it......man thats a lame excuse

why not do a sparda storyline, the DMC universe is big and has alot to be explained......ugh crapcom, last game i enjoyed from them was RE5, wtf are they doing to this world!

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i just said that above lol

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my only hope is that this is a joke character that u will think ur going to play as him as soon as u kill the first enemy then dante fly's down and impales that F'er! then u commense to play as dante.

ONLY way acceptable!

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wow. well this sadly looks more awesome than DMC. its ugly yes but that torn up, emo/dying nathan drake/tony hawk fusion of a dante is far worse. and the gameplay in this game seems to be like its trying to be epic.

man, dmc5 is fail....wtf! why not a game about sparda's story! woulda made sense and been alot more awesome. bah w/e....so mad at dmc lol.

whats up with all the westernizing. dont japanese devs realize they were the ones selling the most games fo...

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dear god, after further looking at his ugly mug that IS nero's jacket from DMC4.....its just dirty and beat up......i would say that cant be dante but why else would he have ebony and ivory (the guns)?

i wanna vomit he's so hideous

i know people hate nero but atleast dante was in it. im sure alot more people are gonna hate this dude rather than nero lol

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WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first off my gf is gonna shoot someone now. but WTF is this crapcom? why is here wearing a bumb version of nero's outfit and why the F is he so ugly and has black hair?......deaaaarrr goodness.

guys lets make a petition and have them fix him like we did cole (tho coles new look was no where as drastic as this)

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nooo VC3 is psp...o well still awesome lol

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm with the announcment of new DMC hinted and ninja theory being at a japanese convention revealing a game sorta may mean the rumors of them making DMC5 are correct.......o boy they are gonna have alot to live up too lol

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its just halo with perks.

i will still play it but its not that serious. i mean a halo game comes out every year so just cuz this one actually had some effort in it doesnt mean its that amazing. fun yes, addictive, for some yes. best thing ever? i guess to halo fans.

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really? well its ur opinion, i dont know any other good platformer besides mario, and mario isnt even on par with lbp2 IMO.

what other game lets u make ur own cutscenes, weapons, lvls, games, music, puzzles etc?

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haha awesome, i love that u can grapple the sack boys aswell. reminds me of good times playin wiith my gf where i would grab something she would miss and woulda died but grabbed my feet, saving her life. tis awesome :)

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Oh....my.....god.....lmao. and terry....wow terry, this is too bad

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