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hmmm im guessing when u say motion u mean Move lol

well while i dont want the Move i do know it already works with good games like resident evil 5, heavy rain and little big planet 2, sooo yeeaaah

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6 more games that Controls you!!!

the kinects innovative hardware is unique in that it controls you as opposed to you controlling the game, MS utilizes their mind control tactics and puts it to use in the form of hardware.

soon you will be forced to fight darth vader, even if you decide to sit the kinect won't allow it!

soon kinect will cause you to pull out your credit card and pay 500$ monthly xbox live subs.


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lol yeah 50 million and the ps3 version will still sell 3-4 times more. MS are morons who ruin gaming. Im hopeful this is ps3 exclusive tho

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um kamiya shuda been made a new dmc, not ninja theory wtf

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wow that was fast. super glad i didnt buy this, i feel bad for the people who paid for this garbage.

well downloading patch for vindictus :) cant wait

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especially with the game being released after the end of the world (2012)

so screwed. ffV13 is just a dream game that only the testers get to experience :(

FFv13 FTW!

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:( lightining was gettin owned. obviously played by a noob

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this what i mean by over hyped and annoying halo fanboys.

i like the game but this isnt news, it isnt funny, why is this even up....*ughh

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dmc4 wasnt even bad man, besides the recycled bosses i think the game was awesome. fun gameplay, good story besides all the yellin "KYRIE!!!!"

this....now this....this is "Devil is Crying"

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well i hope they turn link into a fat bald guy with a tank top with a big butcher knife, then u'd know how we feel

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here you go guys, more screenshots of this horrible dante


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for ur enjoyment guys


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LMAO, after lookin at the pic of dante getting a mugshot it was also revealed that dante is british......lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!! his left arm sleeve (our rights) has a british emblem, hahahaha oh goodness why.....

well like i said only way i accept this is if he gets a full head of white hair by the end of the game and that this is just dante before he gets his powers. i hope it shows when vergil and dante starting hating each other and actually makes sense.


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guys guys, lmao im not talkin bad about it. i mean i like western games too, i mean i have a halo edition 360 with a 120 gig HDD.

I like halo too, im just Sayin with sales like 3 million in a day its why eastern devs are doin it too.

and funky town. u really dont like any eastern games? mario? sstreet fighter? tekken, soul calibur, ninja gaiden, resident evil? sonic, ummm theres so many to list since they were the main devs since begining.

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dear god. and this is why japanese devs are trying to westernize games *sigh the world is doomed!!!!

halo is cool. just think its over hyped. its not the best game ever

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hmmm after reading that list......if that is what the story is about then i may slightly forgive ninja theory.

if it explains where his white hair comes from, more of why vergil and dante hate each other and the rest of what the article says then it may actually be pretty interesting

still doesnt forgive the edward cullen look.....he could look alot more BA

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the REAL dante back!!!

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a game that doesnt allow 4 player coop on all 360 models, has rushed disc that arent working for alot of people, has begining of this gens graphics does not deserve a 10.

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this game looks better than that garbage

"Devil is Crying"

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"Devil is Crying"

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