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sadly we are the only ones that can resist buying the same glitchfest every year called call of duty so we are the minority

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lol only way its allowable is if the games are dropped to 30 bucks. then no one would buy cutscenes.

activision only makes shooters with bad stories anyway

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waaaaaait wtf!!!! charge for cutscenes? is he serious? because if that happens, then goodbye cutscenes. and final fantasy's kingdom hearts and other rpgs would just be like 120 bucks for the sheer amount of cutscenes. same for mgs and anyything else with a good story......*someone make this guy get hit over the head and get bussiness amnesia

what i think is funny is activision has crappy cutscenes so why charge? imagine if HQ cutscenes like square enix, santa monica, pl...

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plaing vindictus right now. its amazing :)

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um im 100% its alot worse on an ipad. games meant to play with a arcade stick or controller

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*sigh where is doa5. who plays fighting games on handheld more than on a console....

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a sephiroth story? wtf? what are they talkin about. while i would love it that would be retarded. would rather have them finish the serious with what happens after dirge of cerberus secret ending since genisis is still alive

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lovin this game with my gf right now :)

anyone from NA need a beta key just message me :)

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woot!!!! tifa is a bad ass sexy beast!

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meh. i did like fable 1. but fable 2 didnt change enough, if anything it got worse.

i wont bother with fable until they actually show consequences.

i mean why is it when i slash a person in the face (in a village) they just get an angry emote smiley over their head with -15 to the side? why doesnt he hit me back? why doesn't his friends or fellow townsman attack me?

they did this in oblivion and demon's souls, why not this gam...

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seriously, stop being a fanboy. halo, res and KZ are all good games, just because one minor site game ur beloved game a low score doesnt mean the end of the world. what matters is you enjoy it.

honestly, if KZ or res was 360 exclusive u wud luv it.

why do people think games are better just cuz its exclusive? (sigh)

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wait so 6.5 is bogus and 10/10 isnt? stfu fanboys. the game is 7.5-8.5 at best. although definatly not a 6.5

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wow, really? another one? why dont they just release the characters as dlc instead of chargin 40? w/e

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meh, would rather have soul calibur 5

although looks like they finally caught up in the graphics department to Soul calibur 4, considering its also their game and tekken 6 looked like tekken: DR upscaled.

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wud be true if 360 gamers didnt mind hard games but from their avid hate of hard games like NG its not gonna happen.

only the true 360 gamers will play this. the rest will just play cod and halo

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man this looks just like demon's souls. looks freakin awesome!!! now just put better character designed faces and im good! i dont care if its multiplat, i just want this game!!!

and regardless if its multiplat or not, ps3 already owns the true demon's souls

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how long will this last?

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already better than halo and cod......lmao JOKING dang it, dont shoot me for that.

still this is amazing for LBP. we are gonna see alot of crazy stuff in this game

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i say both final bosses in gears 1 and 2 were some of the worst designed short boring bosses ever, aswell as the first and last boss in dead space. ugggh so boring. regular baddies are tougher than those.

and oddly demon's souls final boss was prbly the easiest in gaming history and thats oddd considering how hard the game is, maybe ur not supposed to die in that fight? not sure lol he never hit me

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to be good? nah it doesnt need MP unless its an average shooter.

but its singleplayer games that have pushed gaming since the beginning so no, MP isnt needed, especially not in games like god of war or ninja gaiden

tho this gen people wont buy a game if it doesnt have a MP mode, even if the MP mode sux and they will jus go back to COD anyway

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