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maybe the wii version will look like spiderman 3 version did LOL!!. this games art direction might be good, but since its including the wii i doubt there will be many textures or great lighting, but we'll see, well atleast till theirs some screenshots up

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why does wii sell so much when all the games suck except one? and it only has 3 games that will be released so far that we know??? its so odd, just to support nintendo what people will do.....dang this is off topic lol but that remark intruiged me.

well back to topic. who cares if umd failed as a format, its doing fine for the psp it self, the psp just needs more games, blue ray is another format that has already sold LIKE CRAZY, so no its not a failure, i dnt care if my ps3 p...

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Microsoft better just up their disk storage space because regular dvd format isn't big enough anymore. soon we'll have 20 disk RPG's lol.

not a fanboy comment, im with MS, and sony, but mostly a fan of good games. :D

oh and im not against nintendo, i just think they need to up their game

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nintendo has world wide support of the poor because its cheap and lies and says its next gen.

on another note disk space is a big factor actually. perfect example, Team ninja (creators of dead or alive and ninja gaiden) state that 360 disk are to small, they had to cut out alot of things in DOA4 because of it. 1 minute endings, 3 tag team arena's, less costumes. the more disk space you have the more you can do, the less you have to hold back. makes games cheaper to ship if u ca...

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difference is those things have a story that continues, it has new characters and it changes for the better, most of the time. like i said, duh its fine to keep zelda, why dissapoint the fans and take what they love?? just invent something new aswell. example, square-enix has the final fantasy series, but thats not all they have, they have created Kingdom hearts and it was a success, star ocean, valkyrie profile, and others.
people want their classics yes, but we also wanna see miya...

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when will we see a new franchise? new characters? 20 years of link??? is miyamoto reusing him because he knows thats what works and thats what fans will buy? or is it that he's limited to only zelda? can he create a new fresh fun rpg after 20 years? apparently sadly not. its fine to keep old series going, but we need something new miyamoto

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LOL if u cant make zelda than u cant make stick figures, i dont have 360, i have ps3 but i've seen all that halo 3 has and its certainly not halo 1.2, new grenade??? how bout 2? a portable turret, new weapons, levels, armor custimazation, story, man cannon that launches u accross the level, portable gravity device and more. get ur facts straight lol.
im a fan of games not consoles

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zelda has no story line, no voice overs, no levels up, no new weapons, all u collect r keys and heart contrainers and a few accesories. the story has been the same forever and my 9 year old brother beat zelda 3 times dying only once. thers no character development, theres nothing but a tedious quest to kill ganon again. sry, it was good for orcina, but to repeat it for windwaker and twilight, come on. do something new, and stay consistent, u cant link not one zelda game to another except mayb...

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i think it would sell more if it had more games than zelda, smash bros, and metroid lol, o yeah and mario. thats it for the wii. it has a 1 year life cycle like the gamecube.

the 360 had a year start and still not many good games are out yet, although some are on the way thank goodness, halo 3, ninja gaiden 2, bioshock, blue dragon, trusty bell, and lost oddessy.

ps3 is a slow start, yup. but 2007-2008 games will explode, with 5 times more great games than the wi...

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not bashin, but if you actually look at the ps3 version andd wii version. here i'll show u. (wii) http://media.wii.ign.com/me...
(Ps3) http://media.ps3.ign.com/me...
theres no excuse for the wii version. u fanboys claim that the wii isn't that Wii'k but if spidey 3 was just a simple port then why is it s...

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yeah wii's gain a million gamers a month but release 1 good game a year lol

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um, oblivion??? and they lost trusty bell aswell. whats that then lol. nah but seriously. we all know that ps3 and 360 are both great systems, 360 does have a huge problem with disk space tho,, 5 disk for blue dragon, WTF???? dead or alive 4 had to cut out alot of stuff because the disk space was so short. they need to fix that. sony, while it doesnt have many good games at the moment, u know why? the good games r taking a while to release.
final fantasy 13, ff13 verus, dmc4, ninj...

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retards who say the ps3 cant handle it are freakin stupid. everyone knows that both systems r builty way different, when they port a game to one another they have to do HUGE amounts of work. example, 6 months to port virtua fighter from ps3 to 360? over 3 months to port oblivion to ps3? its not that the system is garbage. i like both the 360 and ps3, im not gonna put one down because a developer got lazy. thats them, it only hurts their sales as i know there were alot of fans for of the serie...

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guilty gear xx was great, as was guilty gear xx slash. this is just another update, its not guilty gear x3, but im still gettin it for ps2, this has been out in arcades for a while. playin it on the wii is gonna kill hands if anyone knows how crazy they game is when your actually good lol.

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you'll just sell ur wii or put it in the closet like everyone else after mario, smahs bros and metroid comes out lol. Ur crazy if u think MS and SONY are only pushing graphics? what are u a nintendo fan? only they say that. games that only have good graphics get bad scores and sales, so don't come with that lol. the good games aren't out yet, u know why? good games take long to make.

ff13, devil may cry4, mgs4, warhawk, ff13 versus, white knight, resident evil 5, star ocean 4, hea...

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main problem is the wii-mote is cute, but it wont work with most games. imagine Devil may cry wii! wow that would cause strokes in even well built people. halo wii, ack dont bother thinkin bout it. same thing with about everything else thats not nintendo. the nintendo games go perfect for wii, why? cuz the controlls r simple. heck im actually scared about guilty gear for the wii. there will be alot of flying wii-motes this year lol

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also if you look at the future releases theres nothing to look forward to the wii. metroid, mario and smash bros thats it. then system goes the way of the n64 and GC. the wii sold alot, yup yup, sure did. is it messin with sony and MS, yup. but after everyone gets the wii and see's theres no games then what? then its a choice of ps3 or 360. yes wii would win the console war if they had just one thing. good games. 3 games for the rest of the wii's life wont hold. ps2 ports aint cuttin it. DBZ ...

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party games r boring by your self so thats why u need controllers. the wii doesn't have an online service really, almost none. i know so many peeps who sold their wii cuz they got tired of it. ACK I FEEL LIKE IM STARTIN TROUBLE LOL, im gonna stop. i think wii is in a league of its own, while the 360 and ps3 are in the competition. sony is MS's only competition really, wait till 2008 when the good games r finished :)

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the wii is really wiik *bad joke* like ya said, to many ps2/psp ports, its pathetic. people only buy it cuz its cheap and its called next gen. im sure they cud have just thrown that controller on the Gamecube and had the same thing. well thats what they did, except gave it a new box and pricetag. i would like the wii if the 3rd party games were fun, not just the 1st party. besides, why are the controllers 60$!!! and the wii is a party system so you NEED to get 4 controllers. 250$ wii+ 50$ gam...

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cell processor is about power and gameplay, allowing each cell to control something else. the ps3 can make the most destructable game out of the 3 consoles. if they choose to work that hard at making it do that, that is. yeah this is about the 3 consoles strengths, would be gay if they were all the same right?? 360 online play is the best, wii, well um child like games, or easy fun games, ps3, pure power and high quality, well thats wat shud come from the ps3 lol, it hasn't really yet, but th...

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