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and isnt every western male character a marine? with exception of drake and kratos?

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hope kasumi is playable! and theres an actual storyline to match the amazing gameplay!

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people just like campin and cheating. with kill streaks it makes losers happy to just keep doin the same thing until the next cod comes out. the game isnt even that good.

play free for all and all u see is people cheating to get the nuke. even on teams. why does everyone play this game so much???? dear goodness

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trying to save money for reach right now. tho currently playing vindictus. omg its amazing, while not multimassive the gameplay kicks ass, especially being free, oct 6th the full open beta starts so evie will be playable, that will make my GF happy since shes likes evie better than fiona.

ofcourse im a dude so i use lann, cant wait for dual spears. as matter a fact ima log on now haha

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cant wait!!! i loved playing as momiji and ayane in sigma 2, i really hope kasumi is playable in this one, if she is......EPIC!!!! or even hayate!

i got the NG2 day 1, i even bought my 360 mainly for this game when i was lied to saying it was exclusive (box still says only on xbox 360) but o well, no regrets, thanks to this game i have a 360 aswell as my ps3 :)

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u know guys. honestly, i hope this gen stays around for a Looooooong time. because its this gen that devs are having difficulties, dev times take longer, and games are shorter this gen, just to put average quality graphics.

i think games look great this gen and some really shine (Gears, uncharted, kz etc)

but if they keep going passed this it will take longer and longer. the only games that will do good from the next gen is shooters. everything else...i ...

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5 million???? not when u guys Pissed every1 off with that new dante. if anything ur lucky to get 2 million even when its multiplatform.

doesnt mean its gonna be a bad game but people are pissed and this is gonna be somethin u buy used or borrow from a friend

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and COD black ops looks like COD 1.1111111111111119 so stfu

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u never know hahaha. players were able to make 3d lvls somehow, so i guess we will c :) tho cgi is impossible lol

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haha so it was capcoms fault all along. so basically they made ninja theory take the risk so it could all be pinned on them in the long run.....haha that's F'd up

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wow he complained about this game being hard to navigate? im playing on critical mode. (2 difficutlies higher than norm) and its still easy.

i think the game is amazing. if ur gonna heal and need to cycle menu's just run, dodge and heal....just because donald isnt there to watch ur back doesnt mean the game is hard. game is def a 9 to me

and familiar backgrounds???......umm...ever y single world (besides radiant garden, and hercules) is a new world ne...

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dante shirtless with suspenders........obviously the character designer was gay, so his gayness reflects on dante now. super tight pants, skinny legs, gay pose while smoking.

so apprently in europe its cool to smoke???? and also cool to put a british patch on dante's left art sleeve.

i didnt even know dante was british.....especially because of his accent.....seems like they got a little too personal with dante. u know i appreciate enslaved, love heav...

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this is true

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cuz its next gen???? has less shovelware? prbly

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wait and they dont do this to that crappy 60$ xbox live? wtf

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u guys blind or what? u guys are morons if u dont notice he is the savior. thanks to his idiocy people will stop buying the glitchfest COD once he adds on online fee's and charges for in game low quality cutscenes.

once people stop playing their over rated garbage then people will get back to playing the other amazing undersold games aand the gamining industry will be revitalized through the death of activision!!!!!

Reverse intentions!

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coming soon to xbox live. 60$ Live price tag.......so is that 30$ deal with the spartan helmet still goin on?

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if a consumer hears something is sold out it makes it sound that much more amazing, it worked with the wii and ps3 slim, and its gonna work for this.

now i wonder how kinect will do

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all they publish that sells well is COD, so wtf are they talking about. they wont even get up to nintendo's hieght since sony and MS both make money off of more than just games, what a moron . and guitar heroe isnt doing no where aswell so i dont care bout that

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u serious? a hand held that only has shooters? doesnt sound to successful

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