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the game is good. besides graphic issues in splitscreen and lack of levels its a gr8 game.....just gets odd how 3 or 4 player splitscreen offline is so wierd looking. the characters and vehicles keep loading textures, especially on anything in the forge lvl (like pinnacle and the others)

luv the loadouts and the assasinations (air one ftw) Oh and um, why the F did they take out flame grenades? theyy were my fav :(

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i did like the MP in the first but honestly res 1 and 2 SP is the only ive actually beaten all the way cuz its so good.....well i beat halo, but i was forced too :/.

res 2 was awesome, getting slammed through that bridge was epic, i know this will live up to the hype

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meh. ya dont notice but console wars werent so bad till this gen came around. i dunno y but it just happened. it still existed with snes vs genesis but not as bad.

now its to the point where someone says its totally cool that 6 xbox's broke, even if its a months wait for each replacement, or its cool for a console to constantly scratch ur brand new halo reach if u didnt know not to move it and etc.

once a comment is made about the other side, fact or ...

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wow, resistance 3 really jumped in the graphic department. awesome!

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u do realize that wonder woman was originally a dominatrix porn character? (lasso stood with design) they toned her down and called her wonder woman, so this isnt as slutty as shes supposed to be.

also...those are some nice tits lol

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thes the kinect launch will be the biggest fail yet

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u know honestly. the gameplay is pretty fun in MP, BUT WTF is wrong with the graphics on split screen? i see constant load in, and un finished renders of characters or vehichles unless im right next to them. its really bad and really ugly.

also the match making is horrendus. and wtf no big team for un ranked? fail.

hope they fix this stuff, And pleeeeease add more variety of maps to the playlist on match making, they pick like the same 2 lvls all the time...

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playing it now. the sound track is one of my favorites. i hope they have more side missions where popola and her sister sing togetther again. i just find myself stopping by the bar to hear her devola sing.

gameplay is pretty fun and story iss awesome. cavia always delivers on strange good stories (drakengard) with bullet witch as the exception.......dunno wat BW was even about....

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maniac if it sells then people will be upset and spread the word that it sux.

u cant honestly think this looks fun.

who cares about launch sales. its down the line that counts in the long run. kinect has failed since it was called the natal

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Harder than a man overdosed on viagra

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sure it has the edge.......noooot. gonna need more than gears and halo if they want more variety

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guys, i didnt man it as a bad thing, and like baka said the game is made to cater to fans.

characters play the same as in u just mash square or B and dodge. there isnt a block string, strong characters, rush down characters etc. thats why they arent real fighting games.

are they fun? sure, tho i wud love to see a blazblue or MVC3 type of naruto game, that wud be epic

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i dont wanna hear "skip the fillers" when ur up to an episode and ur keeping up in japan, the episodes come out once a week......skip 200 weeks. o yeah thats easy, because right when ichigo is about to aquire some new move or some crap the show says "TOO BAD" and makes u watch some garbage. and while some filler episodes may be entertaining it dooesnt mean they are good.

and yes they did a gr8 job on the one piece anime, although thats only if u liked it...

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naruto's anime is horrible, the manga is ok, but show is awful. 200 episode filler after naruto fought sasuke in the first series and tons of filler in the begining of shippuden.

to me its a bad show like bleach and one pice.......know whats in common?? they are shonen jump! almost no shonen jump live up to the manga's they came from. pretty said actually

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and yet they all play the same. :/ no real depth to this game, its fun though. sorta like tenkaichi games. characters are mostly the same the only thing that changes their tier list is how cheap their special attacks are.....like naruto's rasengan in the first one....no start of time and hits to hard aswell as homes onto people.....hope this game has more depth

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kasumi and lightining for the win!

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to the losers who say we are losers for thinking fictional characters are hot.

they are. ever heard of cosplayers? MAD SEXY. and for the record i have a gf thats a gamer too so no "u need to get laid fast" comments plz

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dont they mean 15 best looking games this gen?

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in my opinion the game was garbage. as soon as i tried slashing an enemy i turned it off. garbage, wtf kinda gameplay is that

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