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oh no what you say is true......for the gamer like me and you. While working at gamcrazy for 2.5 years Ive seen customers who seriously only play those games till the next come out.

they sometimes pick up a little something in the used section to side track them but they go back and keep playing.

why? maybe because its the only thing they are good at?

im not saying all 360 owners only play gears and halo, lol that wud be dumb, but ther...

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isnt halo and gears always the line-up for xbox???. i mean well fable is coming soon so should be safe. tho i wont touch fable if people dont hit me back when i stab them......for a game about consequences it sure doesnt have any.

and if gears is delayed it just means it will be better, i mean look at what happened when part 2 was rushed, even worse final boss and ending with horrible multiplayer.

delays are normally a good thing guys. just sux when all u...

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people are stupid, u know that

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hold on....people are complaining and the move is what? a week or 2 weeks old? wtf.

i wonder what people say about lbp2 and killzone 3 with move support....man people suck lol

its like judging that a baby king isnt ruling already (not that move is king or even close lol) but youu gotta let it grow and mature, then we will see awesome things

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u dnt understand and u pull at everything. here it is simple. gow 1 and 2 and 3 were all on consoles. side stories on hand helds, same for MGS series, same for zelda and mario, same for all fighting games, same for gran turismo, same for anything.

birth by sleep is awesome yes, but its a sidestory/ prequel. it didnt need high budget, although it was the highest budget and best game of the spin offs (the ds one was garbage)

u dnt really understand my poin...

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honestly regardless of what the game cuda been, this game is one of my fav games this gen. maybe cuz i beat it 4 times with my gf but i still loved every moment of it. and while they should make it alot more scary and take away zombies with guns, i hope they atleast make spin-offs like re5 because the coop is just amazing.

honestly i cant think of a better coop game. u had to make sure u both lived so it was selfish. i found myself making sure my gf had ammo, the right guns...

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wait, the mgs4 engine doesnt use mgs4 engine? that confuses me. and if u meant to say mgs rising then ofcourse its nott mgs4 engine, rising is multiplat.

second when you do anything, do you try to do better than ur last? or do u do worse?

if u learned how to fly in a fighter jet that you have infinite access too are you going to go back to walking?

come on dude, thats like a core zelda game bein released on a handheld, or a core call of...

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well if u think about it, V13 is his test subject so he learns what he can do, then use what he's learned to make the best KH he can make. pretty simple actually.

actually with V13 done he can just build upon the ffv13 engine and use that to make KH3. honestly why would u step backwards when there is so much more you can do with a console. he would just be goin backwards no matter how good of a handheld the 3ds is

thats like goin from a 14X17 piece o...

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u do realize that disney has HD movies starring these characters aswell as CG scenes from other KH games, so wtf r u talking about. make sense next time.

and i laugh at what your def is of next gen. i guess to you wii is next gen.

3ds is an awesome system and is the next gen of handheld gaming, but for a big budget title like KH3 are you seriously willing to see it on the 3ds over seeing it at 720-1080p on a big screen tv with full lighting effects and c...

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well its speculation but you would imagine after everything nomura is learning and can achieve with FFv13 you would imagine he would try and make KH3 surpass that. not go backwards.

the main reason KH3 has never come out and we've been bombarded with bad spin-offs (except birth by sleep, games awesome) is because he is waiting to finish ffv13.

he has even said before in interviews that he cant work on KH3 till versus is done because their hands are fu...

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momiji, ayane and kasumi are not generic!!!!, the rest, well yeah those are lol

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noel is sexy!, annd cammy is always ugly, people just like her cuz she wears that hideous outfit. her and her flat A$$ is hideous. just look at SF4

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valkyria chronicles is amazing but its not like the game play is so crazy it cant be done on psp, it also sold more on psp.

nomura is doing ffv13 and has learned alot and will want his creation to be fully realized.

dont get hopeful that its for the 3ds lol. i'd rather see it on the 360 as exclusive than see it on the 3ds. and yes that wud P me offf either way but atleast it wud be next gen and be HD

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well im 100% positive he wouldnt wanna put a main entry on a handhelf especially after learnign what he has with FFv13.

maybe 3d cud be for the ps3's 3d capabilities? even still doubtfull it will be 3d for the main title.

recoded for the 3ds is KH3D

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thats just mean lol. honestly japanese americans are way to hard to find to even get a fair chance

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luved gothic 2. diddnt play 3 because of the plethora of glitches i heard it had, hoping this one is safe to buy :)

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ahhh, and more proof the ps3 is the console that everyone wants to be.

i dont hear any ps3 titles saying (close to gears or halo graphics) you know whhy? because they've been far surpassed and dont even match up to uncharted 1 or heavenly sword which are 4yrs+ old games.

does it mean castlevania or gears are ugly, NOoooooo, they look great and are fun, but i always find it funny that games always try to beat KZ2, MGS, GT5, UC2, GOW, LBP, etc etc.....n...

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yeah, who woulda guessed next gen would actually be more complicated and the devs wouldd have to actually work. i mean not everyone uses last gen hardware on a next gen console.

360 is still next gen but they took alot of short cuts which made their console not as strong or able to make such quality as the ps3 does. sadly while gears still looks good they dont even hold a candle to ps3 exclusives

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um from what i understand developing for the atari was harder than developing a game for the ps3, so says an interview with itagaki (ex team ninja leader.

people just whine and complain.

if ninja theory even did amazing with heavenly sword and all other first party games look amazing and always get some sort of game of the year, wtf this guy talkin bout?

just because its different doesnt mean its hard. just gotta learn it again

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