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Daaaaaaang, well they dont care, i mean they will have halo and COD to hold them over. the casual players dont play anything else anyway.

sux for the gears fans tho......although why is everyone hype bout playin as cole train???? all the characters play exactly the same, clunky, slow and curse alot.

w/e floats peoples boats

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ya dont notice but its been 3 yrs str8 getting a new halo. first halo 3, then a year break. then halo wars, yr after odst, this year reach. next halo grab. Finish the fight again!, this time! for real!

games fun, but an exclusive loses its beauty when its released every year like a COD. not that wars was a real halo game, but still, halo's name was on it

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wow even more bugs than the others? must be the inclusion of the 2 new colors to the palette they added that are making problems

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bayonetta is hideous, people like her attitude i think thats why they think shes ugly.

if u wud see a bayonetta in RL that is proportioned to her real size everyone woould run.

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yeah sure it is. and even as people buy other blu-rays ps3 is also gaining fast in the gaming market. in my opinion its on top but my opinion isnt what counts lol

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in the future we have Hamster Dolphins!

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true enough, i see what you mean. yeah split screen would be useful for those things, but again, wishful thinkin :D

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um, while the game may be the best ever in the opinions of others its still an absolutley amazing game.

and obviously if the 1st was astonishing then with this game being able to do so much more and having even more variety yes its going to be good no matter what aslong as bugs and glitches dont ruin the game, which the first game did fine with.

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and u like dexter so awesome haha.

my reply is only wondering why a split screen mode would be useful? i mean besides maybe in level creations but not in regular gameplay. that would be wierd and use up alot of processing power

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u wud figure with the 60 bucks a year u pay that xbox live would be secure from cheaters, buuuuut nope. i think there are more cheaters than on psn....or maybe thats just halo.....tho i dunno, cod has alot of cheaters.

devs need to test their games and make sure people cant cheat. But rushed product is rushed. and people oddly like cheating more than actually playing the game.

odd people support games that were made bad.

atleast bungie ...

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best console? lol, the poor dreamcast didnt even have a chance to suck or be good, the games were ok, really only sonic, shenmue, house of the dead and the multiplat MVC2 were good, everything else nope.

plus that controller was HORRIBLE. and i thought the original xbox controller S was bad for fighting games.

dear goodness

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its an american thing i guess. look at all sports games, smackdown, and cods, battlefields etc.....sorta annoying isnt it.

i mean people buy ncaa and madden and they are the same game. sure they hit fast forward on the players so they run faster in ncaa but its still sad that people fall for this

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and even tho its glitched to the max and unblanced people will still play it till the next one like morons.

i just pray boosting is gone because that makes fights useless when everyone is doing that. sometimes u just want a normal match, but not in the duty!

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because there is gonna be even more glitches and boosting? Oh yippy!

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honestly i think people say they are ok with it because they wanna justify paying 50-60 for it. they dont wanna tell themselves they wasted their money on a stupid choice.

for some its cuz their friends are stubborn and wont leave live so they wanna play with their friends and are willing to pay.

honestly if ps3 came out first with free psn, no one would want to pay for live. even tho psn sucked in the beggining the service is extremelly good now.

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yeeeaaah besides just being used to paying for it??

im on my 2nd yr of live and i can say wtf is the big deal. more lag from what im seeing and just not worth it. im upset and i only paid 20 for the year since split it with a friend for reach.

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yeah while re4 definatly had a better vibe, re5 was alot better in gameplay (mechanics wise) i went back to re5 and was like wtf!?? lack of melee variety, and the suitcase is lame. i probly only really enjoyed re5 so much cuz i played it with my gf 4 times.

i know they are probably gonna ditch the coop in the future RE games but i hope they make spin-offs with coop like re5. i think its one of the best coop games out there.

and just get rid of majini an...

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yeah, they are upset because the girly men andd cute girls dont have marine buzz cuts and all look the same at the same time being the main character with a different name like every other shooters this gen.

seriously, jrpgs should be reviewed by people who like jrpgs, thats why i trust rpgfan the most.

ive been enjoying YS 7, kingdom hearts birth by sleep, phantasy star portable 2, within the last month. i just beat nier which had a gr8 story and ok game...

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woooooow. why wud people do this? why dont they just go to their friends house and connect online. *sigh.......tho i think games should have the patches already in them like psp, but i think they dont so pirates cant stay offline and play new games

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they are delusional. well only the ones who only own a wii.

there other other gamers who have ps36wii and touch their wii the least (hahah, touch their wii.....anyway)

wii barley has any good things if its not made by nintendo themselves with exception of, monster hunter, last story and ummm......some games that are coming to ps3 and 360 like no more heroes and demon blade muramasa

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