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yeah because any of the tekken characters are unique or badass. (with exception of lily, i like her :)

seriously everyone is should i say.....corney. well maybe devil jin is a lil cool but thats sad for a huge roster.

im sure we are looking forward to

Fei Long

yeeeeaaaap sure am

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miranda looks exactly like michael jackson

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just about anyone from oblivion if u dont have a pc mod. thats the only game i dont mind having a helmet in :p

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hmm i'd say any boss from an SNK game, that cheap dragon boss in tekken 6 and the final boss in arcana heart 1, that was just cheap

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH...... lame, screw people who screw gamers!!!

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split second destroys that blur

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most people know every single character in shooters as some bald guy.

they are the same guy with different time lines and ages.

the youngest version is star killer, then theres cole as a 25 year old, then the dude from red faction, then nathan hale of resistance 1 and 2, then.....well basically everyone this gen lol.

i thinkk the new one wud make him atleast stand out.

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um u know instead of just reusing the old cole it wuda been cool if he had a new outfit or something.

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BLAZBLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

woot haha.

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hehe wang....hehe im immature lmao. well hopefully ibuki makes it in!!

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KOS-MOS vs Megaman Zero woulda be awesome

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alright i know what u mean, it sounds retarded, i just woke up but still. no one in tekken has projectiles of any kind except for devl jin. while their are atleast 8-10 ryu clones in sf that all have hadokens.

the game wont be horrible, just very freakin wierd, its cool they have tag teams and the such but it still doesnt make sense for me.

i wuda loved Namco vs capcom, with characters from soul calibur, Kosmos, tales characters fighting ryu, morrigan, ...

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am i the only one who thinks this game is retarded?

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ewww i wish never, i think this game is the stupidest idea ever, Namco vs capcom, sure cool, but street fighter vs tekken???? WTF??

the game doesnt even make sense. it makes as much sense as mortal kombat vs smash bros.

tekken characters dont have powers or special attacks how are they gonna defend against hadoken spamming?

this game is retarded.

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punching kittens its the balls is also fun, but is it good? no

lol dont mind me im random

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i forgot bout this game too. o wells bye bye wardevil. i rather have a new demon souls anyway XD not like its same creator but.....I DONT CARE!!!!.....

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haha thats not what i meant lmao. but i wud be a fanboy too if it made me rich.

to buffalo i agree, its true but wat i mean is....well did u ever see how he acts???? http://www.youtube.com/watc...


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he is the symbol for xbox fanboy. everytime a 360 fanboy trolls i imagine little balmers running around with clubs

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the only way hes not a fanboy if he posts an opposing article with all the 360 games that are sub HD while ps3 version is 1080p....AHEM ff13.

also its good to note a 360 game has never been native 1080p, only ps3 games can do that. not many but still.

the 1080 on 360 is just upscaled

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this thing hasnt even been shown to play games live yet, it hasnt shown any hardcore games, nor has it showed that is has no lag, and they wanna charge 150???? 150 for something u cant even sit down and play.

screw that. only the hardcore xbox boys will buy this, casuals will either choose a wii so they have 2 consoles since its 50 bucks more, or if they have a ps3, they will juss get move

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