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activision would add kill streaks, death streaks, and perks! just like all their games after MW2 (Blur, transformers etc)

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yeah retarded article. they want him to starve apparently lol.

besides i luved his voice in resonance of fate for vashryon, he did such a gr8 job. it was like an older mucher hornier and sarcastic drake.

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it needs more life. the enviorments are empty. thank god i didnt buy this

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lol yeah very odd, the game is so difficult yet the final boss is the easiest boss ive ever fought EVER. i think a goomba in mario was harder than that thing......tho i think it was meant to be easy but still

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prooooobably cuz most jrpgs are interactive anime's???? which i love by the way :)

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????????? wat does sony making movies have to do with kinect? lol

if connect actually worked i wouldnt care, but look at it, its release is right around the corner and they still cant do it real time, nothing has proved that it actually works ontop of u not being able to play more than 2 players or sit down.....honestly kinect is fail in a box

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this is proof. all these children starving in countries and MS spends money on this crap lol

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u dont have to stop playing videogames, u just gotta start buying more used and on ebay lol

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yes the glitchy, cheating whore multiplayer :)

game is fun when all that stuff isnt going on tho, thats why i play offline 4 players with my bros

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woooot doa5!!!! luv it, besides SC4 its my fav 3d fighter. my gf is already doin back flips since its her fav fighter period

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while him spouting crap is annoying, does it make u any better when u judge a game by a trailer based on a game thats like less than 25% done?

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lol while his gameplay is always awesome, he's gonna need an epic story for it to be even close to a best game ever....wait scratch that he's gonna need an actual story lol

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blazblue MAKOTO!!!! PLZZZZZ

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20 million morons lol. wow

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tekken vs sf is the worst cross over ever.....ok maybe MK vs DC was worse but still

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lol u want a driving sim in apocalyptic setting?

that wud be,.......bad. im guessing u havent played awesome games like burnout or split/second because they are arcadish?

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me working at gamecrazy for 2.5 years has given me enough knowledge of the casual gamer.

they would buy a game just because its based off of aa movie, buy a game because the cover looks cool or has a certain character like willsmith (badboys game)

kinect will probably sell well because of the same reasons the wii did. tho the wii is alot more hardcore than the kinect and thats saying alot.

kinect would do alot better if it would just c...

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couldnt have said it better myself.

everything on this thing looks super casual. i dont think there will ever be anything cool if they cant even show it working yet.

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blazblue is better anyways :)

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it was sarcasm since they are the same exact character

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