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lmao w8.....charge more for cross game chat? i wudnt pay 5 for it. thats y i dnt even turn it on and wont ever now

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lol. um baka ur defending a rushed game.......yeaaaaaah. the game was a fail compared to tekken 3. I just dont like it because it was rushed, the air juggling is dumb, the characters are unlikable with very few exceptions, modes were tacked on, balance, and now tekken 7 is on the way....i think namco knows they didnt do their best.

they shoulda called it tekken 5.9 because you don't name it a sequel with a number unless its a vast difference, like the SC series and most...

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lol i dont play with the characters u mention but yeah, ofcourse they added new moves, i'd hope so its a sequel. but still it was barley noticable. they were still stiff, still felt unresponsive and u just dont have 2 different animation types in a game, makes no sense.

almost as bad as KOF vs capcom where characters had different graphics than the others

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they better fix the game because tekken 6 was just tekken 5. the graphics I could almost swear were better in tekken 5 actually. why on earth is soul cal 4 so gorgeous yet it was released 2 years prior and made by the same team?

I sense RUSHED thats why.

it just felt wierd that the new characters animations were smoother and faster, (closer to DOA's fluidity, even the fat guy bob) yet jin and paul and all the old characters play exactly like they did ...

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wow, was gonna get this game, now no local co-op means means no buy for me. cant play it with gf its useless. and they said they were trying to take a cue from RE5....obviously they lied

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my complaint isnt about the games being made, its about only shooters being made. i luv the games i mentioned but damn, give us variety please. thats my only complaint. I mean I know company's have their forte's but i'd like to see bungie do something different, same with other companies.

I just am sick of shooting things, thats all really

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not saying that. but the gameplay is primarily a shooter as opposed to starwars

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this game is just gonna cause even more shooters to be made....great. more saturation for a genre thats been flooding this gen. so sick of them honestly. everything has guns now. from rpgs. (borderlands, fallout, masseffect) action games, etc.... while good games still i want a breath of fresh air. thats why i enjoy LBP and demons souls. also I cant wait for vanquish. thats a new take on the shooter genres.

o well ima still play halo regardless....just worried bout the big...

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well square did this to greatly reduce the game sharing. damn, was planning on doing that too lol. my gf will just half to pay for it in full i guess

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I love cutscenes, aslong as they arent some low budget pointless boring piece of crap. HQ cutscenes like MGS, DMC, FF are awesome to me, even if they are long.

wishes Next gen xenosaga would come around :(

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achievements/trophies created achievement/trophy whores so they ruined gaming in a way to me. alot of my friends used to play games because they were fun before, not because they had easy platinums or achievements.

360 owners just rent everything from avatar, barbie to madden 05 just to get a few achievements (I know tons of customers who did this at gamecrazy) and Ps3 users wont play a game because the platinum is to hard. (just cause 2, ninja gaiden, demon souls, ff13, .....

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while ME2 is good its not really that different than Kotor, jade empire, dragon age etc. that and......well its a shooter.

and to say all jrpgs are not innovative is sorta immature.

demon's souls, valkyria chronicles, resonance of fate, are all great rpgs.

aswell as the star ocean/ Tales games still being hella fun. if being innovative means making everything a shooter then im out of rpgs. to many shooters as it is. i like to get b...

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i put SOOOooooo much time into my lvls and people barley play it. it seems everyone only plays shark/bomb lvls anymore, and yet they get 1 million plays even if they suck.

my lvls have boss fights, puzzles, traps, challenges etc and i can barley get over 300 plays..........

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thank goodness because the combat was so horrible and boring. and thats not including the fact that when u hit a villager (in a world of consequence) all they do is get a angry smiley over their head and do nothin..... this game needs to take some Cue's from oblivion

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yeaaaah um, they just gave a controller to a random hot girl and took a pic.

my gf plays games, (not hardcore) but she still beat ninja gaiden 1 and 2, dmc 4, to start.....tho she does love acction games lol

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interesting because alot of this stuff sounds likee its in aion already lol. well hope its fun tho :). personally im waiting for blade and soul, vindictus and tera

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or simply get none :) gr8 way to shoe off new comers to a series that may have just got interested in the game

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hold on....so a 2007 game called uncharted 1 can have tons and tons of gras, trees and beautiful water including better graphics and gameplay then this soon to be release 2010 game....wtf the creators suck gorilla testicles

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wow she is sexy, shes the only good thing a kinect article ever brought.

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hmmmm no games really, maybe in the begining of nightmare creatures when the monster pops out of the box, otherwise none. and no not dead space, that game didnt even make me jump with its 3 enemy types lol.

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